Monday, September 22, 2008

Friends are Awesome!

Last year Nathan and I went to the wedding of a friend of mine in NY. We were excited to meet her new husband and couldn't wait to spend time getting to know them. They've spent the last year in South Korea teaching English to some very cute, young children. Laura blogged about it at Kilpatz Kronicle.
Yesterday we finally got to spend time with them. They are home in the States and have been traveling around visiting friends and family. Dan grew up close to us and loves Cedar Point. Laura has never been so they were trying to work in a visit. Nathan and I jumped at the chance to go with them and we loved having them stay with us as well. We took Nathan's brother Peter with us.
It was a PERFECT Cedar Point day. Short lines, lots of sunshine, and nice cool air. We were able to hit every major coaster 2 or more times and still have time for some of the other cool rides. It's HallowWeekends at Cedar Point so we got to see the really cheesy Halloween Parade with Snoopy and the other Peanuts characters. Here are a few pictures that I snapped with my cell phone.
Dan had to make a Dippin Dots stop. There's a newer ride called maXair. It spins as it swings back and forth. I think it holds close to 60 people. The guys rode it and Laura and I watched. They really enjoyed it. Nathan. Peter. Dan.

Friday, September 12, 2008

There are No Words.

I can't begin to describe my feelings and do them justice in any way. Here's a sampling of some pictures I found on our computer. I miss you so much Daniel. I love you!
Moving July 2005
Fall 2005
County Fair 2007
Sleeping with Baby Grasshopper

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Our school year is off to a running start. AJ started kindergarten. I can't believe that he's 5 1/2, what happened to my little blond baby with chubby checks. He's a lean mean running machine. He's playing soccer again this year and doing great. I think we may have a budding JR in our midst.
JM on the other hand is ornery as all get out. Everything is a weapon of some kind. Everything must be fought. The other day he spent a long time in the tree house killing monkeys that were attacking. I have no idea where he gets these ideas but it does keep him occupied while AJ is at school.
Little Peanut has discovered that she doesn't have to stay in her crib when she's put there so tonight out comes her new toddler bed. She's going to be so excited. This means of course that I'm going to watching her closely at bed time and nap time for the next few weeks.
Grasshopper is doing good. He's still on multiple daily matenience meds for his throat, however, they seem to be working well.
I'd love to post some pictures but since our camera died a tragic and permenant death I can't. Hopefully, I'll get a new camera soon. Hint Hint!!! :)