Monday, November 17, 2008

Saddle Up Your Horses!

Several months ago Nathan got a call from a recruiter in NC asking him if he was interested in a job in NC. At that time it had only been a few weeks since Daniel died. Nathan said we really couldn't leave Ohio because it was a bad time for our family. In October Nathan got another call from a different recruiter about a different job in NC. Nathan decided he would get more information and this recruiter set up a phone interview. The phone interview took place on a Friday at lunch.
We've had so many doors slam shut over the last couple of years that Nathan prayed that we would get some kind of answer that afternoon, either way. We weren't really expecting any news until the following week. But that afternoon Nathan got a call asking if he could come down for an interview just four days later on Tuesday. Turns out it was election day. Nathan went and voted early and late Monday night got on a plane to NC.
Nathan was a huge hit! Which isn't surprising! They loved him but wanted to make sure that I was on board with a move. Once I talked to Nathan's recruiter and assured them that I was excited about the move too they started his background check. The state of Ohio apparently drags their feet to get background checks done. But the official offer came through last Tuesday morning. Nathan signed it and sent it back and Wednesday he resigned from Epic. YEA!!!!
Nathan's new job is in the small town of Tarboro NC doing work very similar to what he's doing now. This company makes circuit boards for Honda. We're going to be living in the town of Rocky Mount. Nathan and I are flying down this coming week to look at several places to live. Nathan will be starting work on Dec. 2 in NC. The kids and I will be packing up and will be here in Norwalk through Christmas. We'll be joining Nathan after Christmas.
We're really excited about our new adventure. We're also going to miss our family and friends here in Ohio.
*updated- Nathan and I are flying down tonight to look at several places to live and do some paperwork for his new job. Pictures later this week when we get back.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gobble Gobble

Today was a MOPS day. A friend of mine, Shaunda, is in charge of the moppets. Moppets is the childcare part of MOPS. They do stories, activities, and crafts. Now for the most part AJ and Little Peanut are my craft lovers and you can't really get JM to do one to save himself. Today must have been a good day because he made the cutest little turkey out of foamies. I was so surprised that it was really well done. He was very proud of his turkey and wanted to take it into Burger King and Wal-Mart. I didn't want him to loose it because I had plans to add it to my turkey collection on my mantel.
After we stopped at Burger King and Wal-Mart we were on our way to pick up our van from the shop. I heard a wail coming from the back seat. His turkey was ripped. I was disappointed too. I told him not to mess with it and I would try to fix it when we got home.
I managed to tape him back together and here is the newest and most beautiful addition to my mantel.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


This morning I am babysitting a sweet little baby for a friend of mine. I was picking her and her blanket up to lay her in bed and I got a splinter under my little finger on my right hand. It really hurt as I pulled it out. And it reminded me of something much funnier that happened several years ago in our other house.
JM was just a month or so old. Nathan and I were upstairs. The kids were asleep so it probably was after 9 pm. Nathan had been teasing me about something or other and I was chasing him with the intention of pinching his butt. He headed for the stairs and just as I caught up with him my left hand brushed against the top of the banister. All of a sudden there was searing pain in my left little finger. I started saying, "Ow ow ow!" I ran down the steps and knelt in front of the end table and held my hand under the light. My little finger nail was half normal looking and half brown. I realized that a large splinter was jammed all the way under my finger nail. There was no way I was going to start messing with.
I called my sister and told her what happened. After she finished howling in laughter she said for me to come over so she could look at it. I drove over and she decided there wasn't anything she could do for it, after more laughing of course. So I made her come with me to emergency room.
After much explaining, and a lot of disbelief on the part of the ER staff, they decided to numb my finger and lift up the nail and pull out the pieces.
For as gross as it sounds it really didn't hurt when they took it out. And you couldn't even tell by looking at my finger nail.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Saturday, November 01, 2008

and now the future President of the United States....

John McCain!!
Wednesday evening my mom and I had the opportunity to go the Sandusky Republican headquarters and prepare for John McCain's visit on Thursday. We helped make a bunch of signs for the event. Because of security, the signs have to be made in advance and checked over in the morning.
Thursday morning I dropped the kids off at a friends house and picked up two of our youth and my mom. We got to Sandusky about 11 am. The park was already being secured with
police, dogs, and Secret Service. Since we were volunteers we got to go through a different checkpoint with a local high school's marching band. Marianna, Trevor, mom, and I directed the foot traffic to the main entrance.
Once inside the volunteer section by the gazebo where John McCain would be speaking a local reporter from our home town paper noticed Trevor and Marianna. He said, "TV tells us that all young people are for Obama. You guys can't be McCain supporters." All four of us gave him a weird look and Marianna and Trevor said yes they were for McCain. He asked why and Marianna told him the McCain supports life and that's the big reason. H
e asked us several more questions and I must say we gave him an ear full. We did make the front page of Friday's paper. His write up was more social event than new report, and I was misquoted. Argh.
John McCain was running late, which is not surprising, but Joe the Plumber did arrive shortly before the Straight Talk Express. I must say John McCain is shorter than I expected. But a great man. His wife is beautiful too. They shook some hands, recognized some of the people with them, and Sen. McCain had Joe the Plumber say a few words too. Sen. McCain's speech was short and then he went into the local school that was behind the park.
We didn't get to shake his hand or get close to him however, we did get some really great pictures. Unfortunately, I haven't got them from other people yet. Man I wish I could get a new camera.
Here is me and KC.

Here is John McCain.