Sunday, November 04, 2012

Picture Update

Here are some pictures that have been taken over the last month. Having an iphone means most of my pictures are there but I know family likes to see them posted here.
Family photo shoot!DSC_0501
It’s no fun if you can’t be silly too.DSC_0512
Sleeping Beauty!
Sacked out in Mommy’s bed
Aunt Janet made Aria a purse. Aria decided it worked better as a front pack for her baby. IMG_0953
Daddy and Aurelia have the same hair do these days.
Aria fell asleep on the way to dance class one Tuesday evening.
Mid sneeze.
That’s better.
Early morning carpool.
Dance night at the pub for Andrew and Aria. Andrew is wearing Daddy’s sunglasses. IMG_0999
Mommy had dental work done so Andrew got to feed Aurelia one of her first bottles. IMG_1017
In the sling with Mommy for the first time.
Afternoon carpool fun.
Afternoon photo shoot with Mommy trying to get a good smile.
After a bath. I love my ducky towel.
More carpool. Good thing she doesn’t mind her carseat.
See mom, I put her in this outfit too.
She’s getting big!
Joshua and Aria at the church Harvest Party. Andrew went to friend's house that night and Christopher was sick so he had to stay home. I need to get more pictures of Joshua and Christopher apparently.  IMG_1113
Ready for church this morning.