Saturday, June 30, 2007

Cutest Baby

Last Wednesday, the day of my accident, I got a phone call from Sears saying that Peanut had been chosen to be in their "Cutest Baby" contest. All I needed to do would be to bring her in and get her picture taken. They would give us a free 8x10 for participating and if she won we would get a 10x13. No purchase necessary. Of course I agreed. I mean, we all think she is the cutest baby anyway so why shouldn't everyone else. I scheduled her appointment for Thursday morning. Since I was out of commission on Thursday morning Sarah took her. As you can imagine there was much arm twisting involved. NOT! It's probably a good thing I didn't go. The pictures turned out really cute and Sarah of course spent way to much getting pictures of her royal cuteness. I don't know when we'll find out if she won but my 8x10 is totally worth it. She's such a doll. :)


Well, apparently I didn't think my life was busy or complicated enough. This coming Tuesday Nathan, the children, my mom, a friend from church, and I are leaving to go to Kentucky for a few days and then on to Nashville for The Call. In the midst of all this we have been removing wallpaper in Peanut's room getting it ready to paint. Her crib has been in our room so that we could work in her's and get it ready for baby Christopher as well.
Wednesday night after a very late dinner and coffee with a friend I went outside to tell Nathan that I was going to go to bed. It was about 11 pm. He was outside wandering around talking to his mom on the phone. I thought I was on the sidewalk but I guess I was still on the steps because next thing I knew I was on the ground in a lot of pain. Both of my ankles were underneath me. My left foot was scrapped up in several places but my right just hurt a little.
Nathan helped me upstairs and to bed. I could put weight on my right one at that point but it was pretty sore. By 1:30 am I couldn't put any weight on it and by 3 am it was in excruciating pain. I woke Nathan up and had him take me to the ER. After 6 x-rays, 2 1/2 hours of waiting, 3 trips to the bathroom in a wheelchair, 3 Crosby Show episodes, and some very painful poking and twisting of my foot by the doctor it was announced that I had fractured my ankle. OUCH!!!!! They gave me some Tylenol 3 for the pain, finally! And put an aircast on it to keep it from moving and said ABSOLUTELY. NO. WEIGHT. ON. IT. and to go see the orthopedic doctor as soon as possible.
Pray for my momma. She's been taking care of us since I can't carry the children or get around the house. She came Thursday morning and Friday morning and hauled us all off to her house. Today is Nathan's day. It seems to be going okay although it was off to a rocky start.
The orthopedic doctor said no weight on it for at least a week. Stay on the crutches for two weeks. Next week I can start trying to put a little weight on it but if it hurts then don't. Also if it's still really painful before my next appointment that I should call and let them know that. I'm really glad that there will be two extra adults in the van with us to help with the children. :) By the way, the baby is fine. Very active, no pain, just the occasional contraction to remind me that I'm running out of time to get ready. :) Pictures will be added later.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

100th Post

I just saw that this is my 100th post. It's customary to post 100 things about yourself. Since I had planned to take several days working on it I'm unprepared for 100. I had something else in mind to post about this morning anyway. 100th post will be more like 105 or something. :)

On to my post.

Has anyone noticed how fit my family is getting??? Not my kids but my siblings and their spouses?? Take Mama Lily for example, she has lost over 35 pounds since January. Now that was hard work, and she's sticking to it. Shagga Bear and her husband have been doing the South Beach diet faithfully for several weeks now. They both are losing weight and looking good. My husband has started working out at the rec center with Gary, a friend from church. They all seem to be doing great at their respective goals even if it is tough going sometimes.
My local MOPS group did a Biggest Loser Challenge this spring and several people lost a lot including the winner Tracy who looks amazing.
I however have just been coasting along. I got pregnant in December and all reasonable thought pretty much left my head. Therefore I'm going to make a few mid-pregnancy resolutions. I am going to walk daily, either in the morning when Nathan is home or in the evening after the kids are in bed. I'm going to drink only water, or water with lemon, and limit myself to ONE Dr. Pepper a week. I'm going to cut out my all day snacking habits and focus on good well thought out meals. Starting with dinner tonight. Yes, I do know what is for dinner!!! YEA ME! So, those of you who know me can encourage me. I want to finish this pregnancy in better shape than when I started. And there's no time like the present.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cell Phones

This day and age it seems difficult to get by without a cell phone. In my house a cell phone is a must, we don't have a land line. Nathan and I haven't had a land line for a year and a half. Sunday afternoon Sarah, due for an upgrade on her plan, decided that she was getting a new phone. I talked her into giving me her old one which was much nicer than mine. My old one was a basic phone, no fun ringtones, no games, no nothing. It was the basic phone at the time and I loved it.

Back around Mother's Day Nathan and I had talked about getting his mom a cell phone on our plan. She drives over an hour each way to work and is involved in many extra activities both through work and church. Especially during winter driving conditions it would be good for her to have one. With Tabitha's wedding in the works no one really did anything about Mother's Day. So on Sunday we did.

Sarah got the EnV. I got Sarah's old phone activated on my line and used my little one for Nathan's mom. Everyone got a new phone and now Nathan's mom is a WHOLE. LOT. MORE. ACCESSABLE. ( especially since everytime we try to call out there certain people are on the computer... hint hint! ) Here's my new phone. It does have a camera and I like having the family pictures in background. I can download ringtones and instead of "Flight of the Bumblebees" for my mom now it plays the authentic "Pink Panther". I'm getting used to the different sounds. It really threw me off the first few times it rang. And it seems that since I got it, it hasn't rang as much. That's probably all in my head. So I hope this answers anyone's questions they had.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

I took this with my new cell phone on Monday. I love that smile!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just a Tidbit Behind...And Tabitha's Wedding

So I'm just a hair behind...apparently not all that many people have commented so there must not be as many readers as people say there are.
Our life has been very full this last month. Every time I think we are about to get a break in the pace something else comes up. I'm having a hard time even remembering to breath it seems like. I finally have a few wedding pictures to share from Tabitha's big day. It went really well despite some of the more interesting
characters involved. Everyone looked great....even JM and AJ cooperated. Before hand, they refused to even try on their tuxes. But when they saw all the groomsmen getting ready they got excited about wearing them. When the girls brought the flowers down to pin on the guys there were two small flowers for the boys. They thought they were something special after that. Here is a picture of how Joshua passed his time during the ceremony. Everyone thought it cute that my mom carried out one of the ring bearers sound asleep at the end of the ceremony. Here is AJ, Abby (the flower girl), and JM. They all did WONDERFUL!!!!This is me and AJ at the reception. He had fun dancing with Abby.
We were quite exhausted after that whole weekend. It turned into a three day party...and Nathan says my family is the only one that does that. HA!!!