Thursday, May 13, 2010

Faces Need

...paint. Grasshopper happily watched and didn't mind at all that he wasn't offered a chance to get painted on as well. I didn't figure he would hold still long enough anyway.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cheating is Fun

Last month we went to a Renaissance Faire in Wake Forest. We took the children and some friends from church. The kids enjoyed seeing the jousting and the acrobats on horses. I of course had a blast because I love ren faires.
AJ decided he wanted to battle Nathan. It was $2 to fight for 3 rounds. And for $1 the knights would cheat on your behalf.
So, I cheated for AJ. I didn't get a picture of Nathan getting thrown off from behind because I was laughing to hard. This picture was taken right before the guy on the left knocked Nathan off of his little wobble board. Needless to say AJ won.

Monday, May 03, 2010


The night before Dad's birthday party we had a bonfire at my sister's house. Our family loves bonfires, some of us more than others. Woody was showing off on the tire swing right before he fell off.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

I Spend To Much Time Driving

My dad turned 70 years old at the end of March. My mom planned a big birthday party for him Easter weekend. Since it was the beginning of spring break we decided to leave on Friday and be gone for 7 days.
My mom requested that everyone write a favorite memory of dad or papa, as the case may be. Some of us did 'extra credit' work- they shall remain nameless. Even the children colored pictures of their memories with Papa.After dinner we all took turns reading our letters to dad. Lots of tears were shed. It was really special to have Uncle Jim, Aunt Marlys, and Granny there as well.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

JM Has Parts Removed

JM has always been a heavy breather from the moment he was born. I would be nursing him in public and people would ask if he was okay because it sounded like he was drowning. He seems to always have a snotty nose as well. When we took him in for his well child check up after his birthday I asked the dr. about his adenoids. The dr. referred us to a ENT.
The ENT confirmed what we were pretty sure needed to happen- adenoid surgery. Since he's never had a sore throat they decided to not mess with his tonsils and just take out the adenoids. The surgery was set for a week away. We stocked up on popsicles.
I took him to the hospital early on that Friday and during our time there read a whole C.S. Lewis novel. He was a trooper and had the nurses all wrapped around his finger. Amy Chicken was there through the whole thing. She also had her adenoids removed and I didn't even know chickens have adenoids.
Off to surgery in a wagon....I want someone to pull me around in a wagon.Back from surgery still loopy on drugs...makes Sesame Street that much more entertaining. All ready to go home.