Saturday, September 26, 2009


This year JM is finally old enough to play soccer, much to his delight. He plays with lots of enthusiasm. Both of the boys are on navy teams but they are in different age groups. Thankfully this morning they both had a game at the same time.
Here are the highlights.
We need to work on what it means to be a goalie. His team dominated today so those who played goalie really didn't have a lot to do.
Here's Mr. Enthusiastic!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall Is Here

I love to decorate for fall. The colors are beautiful, oranges, yellows, greens. "Bouquets of sharpened pencils..." School supplies.
Having seasonal decorations make me happy. I like to be able to change up a room to match what's going on outside. Since I can't paint here and there is no room for switching up furniture this is a great way to keep things fresh.
Here are a couple of pictures from around the house.
The acorn is my newest decoration. Isn't it cute? Thanks Michael's. The painting is from my roommate in college, Hope. I love her work. A friend here in NC wants a print of it. The little scarecrow girl is from Pat Catan's.
The hurricane is from Southern Living. Hubby wasn't super thrilled about it but he's seen it used all over the house so I don't think he minds anymore.
The bowl is what's left of my Pampered Chef trifle bowl after JM broke the base. I usually use it for my prize bucket at my shows. My other whole bowl is safely stored in it's box.
The ducks are from my mother in law. She was putting them in my yard sale and I snatched them right up. They only come out in the fall.
Thanks for taking a look around. You think this is bad....wait for the Christmas decorations to come out.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

4th of July

(*I found this in my posts and apparently it was never ya go)
Yeah, I know, July is almost over's still July.
The 4th is my favorite holiday. I love celebrating the birth of our country. The power of the what those great men sacrificed for us, the future generations, is overwhelming to me. But my views on that are for another post.
This was the first year in 7 years that I have been apart from my family on the 4th. I was shocked at how home sick I was. We always go to the parade, have a picnic together, and then go back and watch the fireworks. The fireworks are always the best part for me. To top the day off we found out that my wallet had been stolen the day before including my drivers license and debit card. Much drama ensued for a couple of hours.
Once we got everything sort out the day seemed a lost cause. We called a couple of friends and organized a cookout and then ventured to a small nearby town for fireworks. We ended up having a blast. (pun intended)
Here's Laura reading to the kids before dinner.
Jessica and Aryeh.
Me, my honey, my baby.
JM and Little Peanut with a new friend. Me, Candice, and Laura.
Pooped out on the way home.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

(* come back the rest of the posts are done and are auto posting for the rest of the week)
Friday was my birthday and I spent the day cleaning the house. The past week or so has been very rough and emotional for us here. I got all my fall decorations out and put away all of my red, white, and blue things for summer.
Nathan took me out to Chili's for dinner. You can't go to Chili's with me without having chips and salsa with a side of ranch. Always red to white! :)
After dinner we came home and had cake and ice cream with friends. A teeny weeny cake. Mark and Connie were nice enough to watch the children and then Candice and Laura came over. We played Apples and Apples and opened a couple of presents.
Mark and Connie.
It was a nice birthday but I'm glad to be past it and into fall. I guess I shouldn't be surprised but lots of activities are piling up for our family. I thought it might be a quiet month but we sat down and figured out we're not going to have a free weekend until October. Thanks to Tropical Storm Danny we didn't get to go to the Outer Banks last weekend.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Play Group

Not long after we moved her a fellow mom at church told me about a group of moms here in town called Crayola Moms. They have a website and organize activities for themselves and their kids. The moms come from all different backgrounds and all different ages but all have their kids in common. I've enjoyed getting to know these women very much.
Earlier this year we did a secret sister thing for 7 weeks and then all went out to dinner for the reveal. We had a blast. We're getting ready to start it again for the month of October. On Tuesday we had a fall kickoff get together at one of the moms house. My kids had fun getting out of our house and playing outside with other kids.
The water was frigid but she insisted. I found it hilarious that she was the only girl in a pool full of boys.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Field Trip

Since we are homeschooling AJ this year we decided that it was important to us to join the local homeschool association. So far we're very pleased with it. They have more activities a year than you can shake a stick at, from preschool outings/playgroups music classes, p.e. classes to high school science fairs/historian clubs and even a graduation ceremony complete with yearbooks. AJ is in the first grade this year and we had our first field trip yesterday. He's gone on field trips before but with so many others at home I haven't had an opportunity to go with him.
Yesterday we went to a local fire station. Since it's all homeschoolers I got to take JM as well. Little Peanut and Grasshopper went to a sitter. The weather was beautiful, sunny skies and a cool breeze. We got a tour of the fire station and a tour of all the tools on the fire truck.
The sun was just a little bright.
One of the fire fighters demonstrated how they put on all their gear and what they sound like when they are breathing with their air masks on. They do sound just like Darth Vader. After putting everything on slowly and talking about each piece he gave a us a speed demonstration. These firefighters are required to be completely dressed in under 60 seconds. They wouldn't put their air tanks and helmets on until they get to the scene but he did for us. And I videoed it. hehe. (stupid computer...I can't turn my video right side up. please don't get a crick in you neck!)
Afterwards the kids all got firehats and books. What a fun first field trip. I'm looking forward to more.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Sunday evening our church had their annual tailgate party as a fall kickoff. All the life groups came with their grills and yummy yummy food. There was an outdoor baptism as well. Two of our lifegroup members got baptized and I felt like a proud mother hen.
Gratuitous picnic kissing shot. :)
AJ couldn't be dragged away from the fun and games.
JM wasn't feeling himself so he was napping in the van for a bit.
Grasshopper just chillin'.
Hector getting baptized.
Christina getting baptized.
Me and Nathan.
Little Peanut found a willing victim.
Me and Laura-self portrait.