Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Our First Family Feis

Friday afternoon I picked Andrew up from school early and the kids and I set off to rescue Nathan from work. We got on the road at a decent time and only hit a bit of rain and a little bit of traffic. I did the driving since Nathan is a much better navigator in a new city. He hates driving in traffic, especially in a new city. I, on the other hand, enjoy it. We work really well together.

Charlotte is a beautiful city. It’s grown a lot since I’ve seen it. We had no problem finding our hotel and checking in. Within a minute of being in our room Andrew found PBS Kids on the tv. At least they were quiet while we settled in.


We got our competition numbers, met up with our friends, watched a music competition, and did a little practicing. At bedtime we discovered that the air conditioning in our room didn’t work. We decided to just suffer through because I didn’t want to deal with them changing our room at that time of night. Also, Joshua is the most impressive snorer I’ve ever heard, and I’ve heard Granny. The noises coming out of that child all night long were amazing. I don’t know how his brothers sleep in the same room with him every night.





Andrew and Aria got to share the bed because they were competing in the morning.


Saturday we got up early! It was interesting getting everyone dressed in all their pieces and getting stretched. Our new certified teacher Dan drove up for the day to watch the students. He was like a whirling dervish, EVERYWHERE. I was really impressed with his ability to focus on all the dancers. He pointed something out to me about one of Andrew’s dances. Andrew was able to correct it before his next dance and we saw an instant improvement.

Joshua telling Aria the story he wrote.


Andrew and Aria getting in a little practice on the stage before the competition started. DSC_0270

Yes, that is a wig. She loves wearing it. We put her hair in a pony tail and the wig has a little drawstring inside that tightens it up. When she’s older she’ll get to wear a bigger one.


All three of my dancers did well. They each placed in their dances.


Joshua decided he wanted me to take a happy picture of him. Thank goodness.


After we left a friend emailed us that Andrew had been awarded a trophy for most promising male dancer at the feis. They were kind enough to bring it back to Raleigh. He got it at school yesterday. We are very proud of him.