Friday, July 30, 2010

The Sea

Currituck Lighthouse. Top of the heap. It's a family tree. Coolness.1,2,3,'s missing!Love the view!Up we go!Looking out the window to see how far we've climbed already. PukPuk was really nervous climbing up but he kept right on trucking and made it to the top!Laura getting in the cooler! I see you Laura. Jennifer. The dunes.From the top looking down. PukPuk coming down the lighthouse. These goats charged mom when she got a bag of chips out of the back of the van. We kept trying to chase them off but they would not be persuaded. Sunset on the way home!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Children's Museum

Last month PukPuk came home from our cousin's wedding with us. While he was here we ventured into Raleigh to Marbles Children's Museum. It was a huge hit. And the pictures are in backwards order. :)
Catch the wave JM!Nana and Papa!Roar!!!!!Who's going to win the big race??? Nana or Grasshopper?Surfer PukPuk!AJ on the rock wall. AJ playing 'ice' hockey.Happiness is wearing 3 tutus at once. Grasshopper's little house. Building a house with giant legos. PukPuk and Grasshopper on a pirate ship.PukPuk ready for an undersea adventure. Little Peanut in a British phonebooth.