Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cold Nights, Warm Feet

I love cold weather. For lots of reasons too. Many of them shared by my sister. Here however is one of the top reasons. This is JM and Daddy just before bedtime Bible story and goodnight hugs and kisses. Aren't they just the cutest???

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Friday, September 22, 2006

Such a Long Day

Once again the day was long...and full of lots. This morning I actually got up and joined about 65-70 other moms and did exercise. It was a combo of jazzercise, kickboxing, pilates, and areobics. Mind you, I was the only one from our group that did it. I do have proof. Jenn and Cece said they would tomorrow too but who knows. :)
This morning's session was great. Priscilla Shirer talked about prayer and Matt 7. It was a great lesson and I'm going to try to get it on CD for everyone to hear. One thing she said that I really liked was that in the past few years people have been blaming things on Mother Nature, (Katrina, Tsunami, ect>) and she said, "It's FATHER GOD trying to get your attention." It was great to hear someone talking about the power of prayer in everyday life and that we as moms have no choice but to make it a priority in our life.
We had a very speedy lunch afterward and then split into our individual sessions. The first one I attended was the Personal Life of a Leader. The speaker shared about how our personal experiences shape who we are and how we can use those to aid in our ministry postitions, not just for MOPS but in all areas. She also talked about identitfying your spiritual gifts and how to use them, and how to use them in connection with your other gifts and talents.
After a short break my second session started. The topic for this one was Daily Discipleship for Your Children. The speakers shared practical ways to teach your children God's word and how to use everyday events to share a spiritual truth. They also talked about good opportunities to bring this about. I've taken fairly good notes if anyone wants to know more specifics.
We also had our leader networking sessions this afternoon. I met with several other discussion group team leaders and we shared ideas. It was really helpful and I got some great ideas for different activities.
All of us went to Opry Mills for dinner and shopping. I'm telling you what. The salads just never end for me. Everyone chose Macaroni Grill which was good but no pasta for me. The salad was good but it's been a very long line of salads all weekend. Probably more to come. Now it's midnight. Pray for Peanut. She's teething. Poor baby. She's certianly been a trooper but you can tell she isn't happy. God knew what he was doing when we got our rooms literally right around the corner from the main meeting room. It takes less than 3 min to run down here from up there. We were really blessed. See you all soon. By the way...Honey I really miss you. :)

Thursday, September 21, 2006


For now this will be low tech w/ no nifty links or anything just the basic facts.
We (those going to the MOPS convention) left Norwalk Alliance about 6:10 or so. After a few delays we made it down to just outside of Louisville Kentucky. We stopped for lunch and then pressed on to Nashville with no more stops.
It was a interesting trip for me because I grew up just north of Nashville in the Bowling Green Kentucky area. As we were driving today I saw so many familiar landmarks that I haven't see for ages. It was all I could do not to take a detour of the interstate and go see my old house.
We arrived at the Opry Land Hotel...with no detours thanks to my great direction skills and the wonders of modern technology(my cell) and Dad at the other end of the line. hehe...thanks Daddy.
After waiting in lines registering and checking in and lugging tons (literally) of luggage, mostly Aria's, to our rooms we finally made it to tonight's general session.
Let's just say, thanks for the tissues Traci. I cried at least 5 times tonight. The first started after I was called out to feed Peanut. I got back during the worship session and they were singing the hymn Holy Holy Holy. Hearing all 5,000 mothers of preschoolers worshiping God was awesome. After a few announcements Elisa Morgan, head of MOPS Intl, came to speak. She shared about the theme for MOPS this year...Fresh Air. Our theme verse is John 10:10 "I have come that you may life, and life to the FULL!" She talked about different meanings of the word full. I have lots of notes if anyone is interested.
I had tears rolling down my face several times as I realized how "out of breath" I have been in my daily life. With the constant demands for my attention from so many directions I have lost my focus and found myself completely out of breath. As Flylady would say, "Tonight was definitely a God Breeze."
There were a vew more announcements and then Nicole Nordeman took the stage. I didn't realize that she is the mother of a 3 year old boy as well as writes all her own songs. She gave a mini concert and shared about her life and the things that really affect her. One song of hers that I have never really cared for, Legacy, was one that she sung. Before she did though she shared about space bags, the ones that you suck all the air out of with a vaccum cleaner and you can make a down comforter the size of box of macaroni. She compared it to taking everything from our life, our characteristics, talents, emotions, feelings, thoughts, evereything and placing it in one of these bags. Then you suck all the hot air...the things that don't matter and what are you left with?? That is when she wrote that song. Then she sang it. Wow, I'm definitely a basket case this weekend with lots to think about. But I'm sure I'm not the only one.
I've now been awake for 20 hours with only 4 hours of sleep last night. I must sleep. Feel free to leave a comment.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Bloggy Funk

This week I have been in a bloggy funk. Is that possible?? I mean interesting things have happened... our first MOPS meeting this year, watching Abby and AJ play Mommy and Baby Buzz Lightyear, a Pampered Chef open house, ( I love love love Pampered Chef), and a marvelous bonfire with hot seat. However, amoung all these interesting event I haven't blogged one thing. Hmmm. I think that is called a "bloggy funk".
However I will now tell you about the bonfire. Since our Granny, my dad's mom, is visiting us this month we decided it was necessary to have a bonfire complete with marshalows. (spelling intentional.) There were hotdogs, hamburgers since Shagga Bear doesn't like hot dogs, hot dog sauce, chili, corn chips, cheese, Babe Ruth Bars, and the important marshalows. The kids played in the yard and ran around. Here is Mama Lily's husband on the phone. That would a be a cheesy brautwurst in his other hand.
Mama Lily and all her children are BIG fire fans. Since furniture has a somewhat hard life at her house and this particular chair was in it's fourties we decided it should go out in style. Chairs burn rather quickly. Kinda makes you stop and think. I suppose it won't be long now and it will be time to retire the roasting forks and the fire tongs. However it was a pleasant evening and the fire kept us nice and TOASTY!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I will remember

Last night I sat with my husband and listened to the President as he reminded us how far we've come in 5 years since that horrific day. And how far we still have to go. I cried as I watched the PBS documentary about what happened, the heros that stood up to the challenge and those that were cut down without a chance. My heart aches as I remember the helpless feeling that flooded my whole being when I saw what I didn't think was possible. It was purposeful and out right evil. I truely believe that is was as the President said that day. "Today we have looked into the face of evil."
And then I remember the prayers that went up. For wisdom and guidance. That God would give us strength to fight. Wisdom in strategies. But over time those faded. Yes we still pray but are we passionate as we once were?? Or is it just a passing thought, "Lord bring them home."
Everyone in our generation will remember that moment. They will know exactly where they were and what they were doing. But unlike Pearl Harbor and the assissination of President Kennedy this was on our watch and thousands of innocents fell in just a couple of hours.
Last night I felt the fire once again be brought to life. IT AIN'T OVER YET! WE can't slack off because it's hard. We are in a fight even here at home. I told my husband that as horrific as it was that day, almost 3000 died. That is only 1/10 of the number of deaths since abortion was legalized. Why are we not weaping in rememberance of those as well. My fire has been lite. And I will not back down until this fight is WON!!!!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lions, Tigers, Actually Just Bears

Monday for my 25th birthday my whole family went to the Cleveland zoo. At least those of us that were in town. Here is all the kids. Peanut is hard to see but DA is holding her. AJ is wearing red and JM is wearing blue. And there is the star of my other sister's site, Abby. All the rest belong to Mama Lily. The zoo was super crowded but we did have lots of fun. AJ and JM enjoyed spending time with Dad who is often at work. It was good to have a family day. What handsome
men! This time JM got more into looking at the animals and getting excited about them. Last time we all went Little Buddy would get so excited to see the animal, shouting, "OOK! OOK!" And then he would sob when we moved on to the next one. When he saw the next animal he would get all excited again. It was hilarious.
This is JM and Little Buddy. AJ had fun riding in a wagon with his cousin Puk Puk. Here they are checking out the elephants.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

You Are a Frappacino

At your best, you are: fun loving, sweet, and modern

At your worst, you are: childish and over indulgent

You drink coffee when: you're craving something sweet

Your caffeine addiction level: low

Monday, September 04, 2006

Toilet Trials Part 2 & 3

Well it continues. Only this time its both liquid events. This morning JM removed his diaper in his crib before my husdand or I could get him up. Later I went to get his pacifier and blanket for our trip today and discovered Lake Erie in his bed.
We have a winner ladies and gentleman!!!! The largest bladder owned by a toddler.
But the one that takes the cake is this. The other evening husband walked into the kitchen to see AJ in the bathroom peeing on the seat. He then proceeded to wipe himself on the hand towel beside the sink and then hang it back up. Speechless! That's what I was when Nathan came in and told me.
We have since warned our family and friends not to use any towel that might be hanging in the bathroom. Grab a papertowel in the kitchen. Charming, I know. But you just can't always tell in our house if it's clean. But I do try. Honestly.

Friday, September 01, 2006

We're Home

Introducing Daniel and Emma Bear. Nathan decided that Daniel needed to wear clothes to show his responsibility now that he is married. I think they're cute!!! We had dinner at Chili's and brought home some leftovers.

Daniel Bear

Meet Daniel Bear. Daniel is a Build-A-Bear from Dallas. After living with me for 6 years he will be getting a wife tonight. Yea!!! He's going with us because he has a seam coming out. Hopfully Daniel will get fixed along with meeting his wife....yet to be named....Any ideas??

A Bit of This and That

Tonight is the big night!! I'm really looking forward to going out with my wonderful husband and our friends! Celebrating my birthday often makes me think about the past year and the one to come. There aren't any 25 year olds that I know that have 3 small children and a house, besides my husband. I enjoy my life very much but I can garantee that 7 years ago when I graduated from high school that I did not anticipate being here. I mean, check out my beautiful daughter. She makes me smile everyday. She's so serious. She smiles and laughes but you have to work at it. She concentrates and studies what's in front of her.
She is so different from her brothers. I didn't realize how different girls are from boys. It's almost lunchtime. I'll be sure and put some pictures up tonight of the bears, the girls, and the guys.