Friday, March 30, 2007

A Birthday Meme

I know it's not my birthday but I found this meme over at Kisses of Sunshine I thought, "well, I not going to post but I'll go check out my birthday." I found some things that were interesting to me, so I thought I would share.
Here's what you do.
  1. Go to Wikipedia and search the month and day you were born on, but not the year. Mine is September 4th.
  2. List three events that happened on your birthday.
  3. List two important birthdays and one death.
  4. List one holiday or observance if there are any.
  5. Last, leave a comment and let me know you played so I can come see what your answers were.

5 Events

  1. In 1888 George Eastman registered the trademark Kodak, and received a patent for his camera that uses roll film. I love Kodak!
  2. In 1894, in New York City, 12,000 tailors went on strike against sweatshop working conditions.
  3. In 1950 the Beetle Bailey comic strip began.
  4. In 1957, Orville Faubus, governor of Arkansas, called out the National Guard to prevent African American students from enrolling in Central High School in Little Rock.
  5. In 1972, Mark Spitz won his seventh gold medal and the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany, becoming the first Olympian to do that. He swam in only seven events setting a world record in each one. He must have had nice arms. :)

Births and Deaths

  1. 1917- Henry Ford II (American industrialist)
  2. 1918- Paul Harvey (American radio broadcastor)
  3. 1981- Beyonce Knowles ( American pop singer) I can't believe we have the same birthday.
  4. one death- 2006- Steve Irwin (Austrailian naturalist and television personality) I cried last year when I heard this on the morning news.

Holidays or Observances

  1. Ocassionally Labor Day falls on my birthday but every year the French celebrate Quatre Septembre, the Proclamation of the Third Republic in 1870.

This was kind of educational and interesting. Let me know if you're going to play along. Happy investigating.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Laughed so Hard I Cried

This is the most hysterical thing I've read in ages. You must read.... In the Midst of It.
For so strange reason this has never happened to me but with another boy coming one can never tell.

Wordless Wednesday

This was a discovery in my backyard yesterday...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


IT'S A BOY!!!!
Coming soon August 18th!! Leave a name suggestion in the comments. Resonable suggestions will be considered....but we'll probably ignore PR's usual goofy ones and possiblly Billy's too. :)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Ribbon...and 300 Yards of It

Today I received the ribbon that I ordered from a fellow blogger . Now I know why she calls herself a ribbon addict. I was running my fingers through all those beautiful colors saying, "ooo! aahh!" Now i want more. HeHe. I do have more coming that is polka dotted. They will make lovely bows when I'm done. I already have 12 colors ready for baking.
Tomorrow is our ultrasound so I will be posting a nice little announcement. Pray that baby cooperates with the "camera" cause mommie and daddie want to KNOW!!!!!!

We'll let you know soon.

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Long Silence

My last post was Thursday March 8. It had been a great week. Then Friday morning the flood came forth. Quite litereally!! My dear sis-in-law managed to flood my kitchen.....using the upstairs toilet. I had a waterfall of toilet water streaming out my kitchen light fixture. There were several gallons overall. Under the fridge, the stove, on top of the cabinets, and on top of the fridge. It was dripping though the ceiling on the other side of the room. AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

We mopped up the mess and called the insurance. They said not to repair it until the claims adjuster could come. That would be Monday morning.

My mother came over and helped us pack up all the food because we didn't want it to get exposed to anything. We packed up the kids and moved to her house several blocks away. Monday morning the claims adjuster came and issued us a nice little check. Then the fun began. We had to rip out a nice size piece of the ceiling and get it replaced. As a result this is what it looked like.

This was Monday night. Tuesday morning I moved my family back home and spent almost 10 hours cleaning and disinfecting from the top to the bottom. Thank you to all who helped!!!!!

I still have a hole there but my amazing husband has since installed four lovely recessed lights and after we spray to kill any mold there might be my new ceiling will go up and I can start painting.

Through all of this though, we have managed to get a new tub for our bathroom. This is something that I'm really excited about. I'll post more pictures as events warrant. Needless to say, there hasn't been much sewing since Thursday evening a week ago. HOPEFULLY. TODAY.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

My Busy Week

This is the reason for my lack of posts this week. Nathan bought me a Singer sewing machine on Monday and I've been busy all week. I will be posting pictures later of my finished projects. This charming little machine was on $90 at Target. Sarah bought the next model up and I've been helping her work on a really pretty dress this week. We hit a couple of snags but with help from my mom we are just about done. I'm hoping she will wear it on Sunday and show off what a good job she did. It has been a learning experience for us both.
In the midst of this crazy week I had one afternoon of pure quiet and peacefulness. Yesterday Tabitha and Sarah went shopping together for the first time in ages. Andrew was at school and the other two were asleep. I got to visit with Nathan over lunch cause he had already eaten at work. I sat in my chair and did some Cleansing Stream homework and cut out another dress for Aria. I also got several loads of laundry done. It was a great afternoon. No music, no PBS kids, no noise, except the couple times my phone rang.
After some tidying up and some laundry it's back to the dining room for more sewing. I. LOVE. MY. SEWING. MACHINE.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Survivor is possibly my favorite show on television. I love Gilmore Girls but Survivor is just a bit more exciting. I love rooting for the underdogs. I wish I could do the challenges with the tribes and even think that it would be fun to be on that show. I would want to last as long as I could but I don't think I would apply with the million dollars in mind. However, by the time I get there I probably would be thinking about it.
Thursday night Sarah and I came up with the great plan to go to Chili's and get their bottomless chips and salsa and just sit for awhile. Nathan agreed that it was a cheap way to get out for awhile. Tabitha agreed to babysit so off we went in the pouring rain. I started the VCR to record Survivor before we left. It was 9:30 almost by the time we got home. Sarah headed off to bed, Nathan was reading, so I decided to watch my episode. I rewound the tape and fastforwarded through the last 15 minutes of Everybody Loves Raymond, that should have been a hint right there. Then I realized that I recorded the wrong channel. I recorded the CW, which I usually do on Tuesdays for Sarah, and not CBS. I quickly called Scott who has TiVo only to find out his was on the military channel and it would have missed it. I sat down on the couch and sobbed, tears and all.
Now I realize that its a television show, and a somewhat silly one. However, at that moment, tiredness, disappointment, hormones, and frustration overruled my logic and I sobbed. I told Nathan through my tears that I realize that this is not something worth crying about but that it was just going to have to be.
One of the other shows I watch is on NBC and I know that they put the episodes of their primetime shows on the Internet. I got online to check out CBS's website and sure enough they post Survivor episodes on there. I had to wait til Friday afternoon to watch but at least I got to see it. It was worth sitting here was a good one. Oh the twists and turns they, the producers, love to throw at the survivors. Its great fun!!!!