Friday, April 27, 2007

My Crafting

I had my 24 week appointment today. Everything is looking good although I'm carrying rather high. Th midwife said all is well and see you in four weeks. I also have to get my lovely rhogam shot before the next visit and drink my glucose drink. I guess it's getting busy in there. :)
For the last year or so I've been buying throw pillows at yard sales. None of them were very attractive but I had visions of their future glory. This week I've finished five of them. I have five more to go. Not all of them go on my couch but the living room is their main destination. Here's how they are turning out so far. The circle one actually wasn't that hard. I used my dad's protractor, compass, and ruler....and some rather rusty geometry to figure out how big the pieces should be. The one that was the most trouble was the square ones with the ribbon through the middle. ARGH!! Next time I will definitely do them different. But they turned out okay and they all match. I love how it's coming together. There are two large blue square ones in the back. I'll post a picture of them all finished.


Mama Lily said...

Super Cute!!! I love em. Remember....I have a birthday comin' up.....hint hint..... :D

ShaggaBear said...

great work!