Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot Hot Hot

This past weekend was almost unbearable with the heat and the humidity. Although our house is nice we do not have air conditioning. We spent most of the week at a friend's house working on the MOPS yard sale. She has air conditioning. (sigh) So even though we were covered in dirt and sweat at least we could take a little break and cool down inside.
My children however, only wanted to be outside. And you can't reason with a 5 year old and a 3 year old who want to play outside.
Friday I think was the worst day for sticky and hot. After we left our friend's house we went to Wal-Mart and bought the kids a sprinkler. We met Nathan there after his softball game and picked out this really neat toy. It was only $8. Nathan drove home to set it up and I took the kids through the local ice cream drive through. Have any of you ever forgotten to give your kids dinner but fed them ice cream instead?? It wasn't really planned but with everything going on that evening that's how it all worked out. I didn't even realize until after they went to bed that I was hungry and remembered that no one had eaten dinner. Opps!!!
The sprinkler was a HIT!! JM loved it immediately. He ran right up and stood over it. He even picked it up and tried to get AJ wet. AJ however, was rather upset that we wanted him to get his clothes wet. He wanted to change into his swimsuit. I told him they were all getting a bath afterward and to just go play. Little Peanut wasn't sure about it at all and didn't really start to enjoy it until we were almost done.
Here's a video of them playing in the backyard.


Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

We have central AC because after buying our house we learned it needed a new furnace. It didn't cost that much more to add AC to the package and since I was due with our oldest at the end of May it seemed like a good idea. = ) I've never regretted that decision. Especially after having my 3rd baby at the end of August!!! = )

KC said...

We have central air also well as of now.. I'm praying it last us all summer.. It came with the house when we bought the place 13 years ago.. BUT the Air unit is 36 years old(LOL it is older then I am) and Last summer I had it recharged and they told me it was on it's last leg and not to even recharge it but $120 to recharge it was alot better then $5000 to replace it and the 36 year old furnaces. So far so good.. Though in those high 90 days I set it to 78 inside but it only went down to 80. but 80 was better then 99 outside.
Friday we stayed outside too long and got too much sun.
The video clip looks like fun.. great way to stay cool

Lori_N said...

We have that same sprinkler! It is soooo much fun :)

Twirl Girl said...

they look so cute