Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sarah Palin is AWESOME!

Yesterday I got the opportunity to go see Sarah Palin in person. I'd never even heard her name until just before the Republican National Convention. I had no idea who this woman was or why she had even been picked. Part of me thought that perhaps she was only picked because she was a woman. I wanted to know more. And now I do.
The more I learn and see about her the more impressed I am. Her integrity and upstandingness (is that a word?) is just incredible. She stands for truth and justice. GO PALIN!! shameless plug over.
So back to Wednesday. My mom had been really excited about possibly seeing Sarah Gov. Palin. I was kind of so so on the subject. I thought it would be nice but she was so pumped that I made an effort. We left home at 6 am. One of my MOPS friends had said that she was really eager to see her as well and we're so glad it worked out. KC and her daughter Princess joined us.
We got to BGSU about 7:30. After figuring out where to park and riding the shuttle over to the arena we got in the very super extremely long line. We had a nice chat with those in line around us. Once they opened the doors we were able to move pretty quickly into the arena. There were a whooping 9 protesters outside with their Obama signs.
Once inside, past the metal detectors we walked into the arena we were asked if we would like to sit behind where she was going to be speaking because they wanted "intelligent looking women" who were Palin supports to be seen on tv. We were, of course, obliging.
We were sitting in a section full of college students and high school student. I think KC, my mom, and me were the oldest ones in the section. The guys in front of us were having fun shouting cheers and starting the wave. There were several local and state candidates that were announced. And then....
They announced my girl Palin and arena ERUPTED! Her husband was with her and she had Joe the Plumber come up on stage. She spoke for about 20 minutes and was very well spoken.
Afterward she walked off the stage in the opposite direction that she came in. The crowd followed her getting more and more packed. I really wanted to shake her hand, (future post coming about another VP candidate's hand that I shook, any guesses Sandy?) and I realized that she had to go out the same way she came in. !!!!!!! I went flying to the opposite side of the stage and SQUISHED my way up to the edge. I had my arm out there and she shook my hand. Princess was behind me holding her ticket and I thought she wanted it autographed. I handed to Sarah and SHE SIGNED IT. She looked right at me and I told her, "MOPS moms love Sarah". She said, "Oh thank you so much." Yea me! Turns out Princess already had her autograph (you can read about that here) so she gave it to me.
When we came out of the arena there were more protesters holding signs and asking all cutsey about what Gov. Palin was wearing. There were only about 60 of them.
We didn't get home until after 3 pm. Long day. But very worth it. On the way home I was able to work out the opportunity to be a volunteer today at the McCain rally in the town just north of us. More on that later.
It was a very awesome day. The following pictures are swiped from KC's blog.
Me and KC
The banner behind where we were sitting.
KC and Princess.
The one the only Sarah Palin.
You Go Girl!


palmtreefanatic said...

Love the Blog! Very cute!

Sounds like a fantastic time! Glad you got to go!

KC said...

What a great time we had.. Go Palin!!!!!!
love the look of the blog..

Alicia said...

You're so lucky to have gotten to see Palin. So where did you go to see her at?

Hope said...

Wow, that's cool. I'm a bit jealous.

The Downing 5 said...

Awesome! Thanks for the details..Love the blog!

ShaggaBear said...

what a great experience! That's awesome.