Saturday, November 01, 2008

and now the future President of the United States....

John McCain!!
Wednesday evening my mom and I had the opportunity to go the Sandusky Republican headquarters and prepare for John McCain's visit on Thursday. We helped make a bunch of signs for the event. Because of security, the signs have to be made in advance and checked over in the morning.
Thursday morning I dropped the kids off at a friends house and picked up two of our youth and my mom. We got to Sandusky about 11 am. The park was already being secured with
police, dogs, and Secret Service. Since we were volunteers we got to go through a different checkpoint with a local high school's marching band. Marianna, Trevor, mom, and I directed the foot traffic to the main entrance.
Once inside the volunteer section by the gazebo where John McCain would be speaking a local reporter from our home town paper noticed Trevor and Marianna. He said, "TV tells us that all young people are for Obama. You guys can't be McCain supporters." All four of us gave him a weird look and Marianna and Trevor said yes they were for McCain. He asked why and Marianna told him the McCain supports life and that's the big reason. H
e asked us several more questions and I must say we gave him an ear full. We did make the front page of Friday's paper. His write up was more social event than new report, and I was misquoted. Argh.
John McCain was running late, which is not surprising, but Joe the Plumber did arrive shortly before the Straight Talk Express. I must say John McCain is shorter than I expected. But a great man. His wife is beautiful too. They shook some hands, recognized some of the people with them, and Sen. McCain had Joe the Plumber say a few words too. Sen. McCain's speech was short and then he went into the local school that was behind the park.
We didn't get to shake his hand or get close to him however, we did get some really great pictures. Unfortunately, I haven't got them from other people yet. Man I wish I could get a new camera.
Here is me and KC.

Here is John McCain.


palmtreefanatic said...

great pics! it was cool to see you all in the paper!

Overwhelmed! said...

Wow, you made it in the paper. That's cool!

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KC said...

I waited in a super long line to get though the check point.. but once in got right down with in 3 people of the front.. and got some wonderful shot.. I saw where you were standing which was oppisit me.. I did see you in the paper.. how cool.. Goodness girl.. if they were to write up everything you would have to say on the matter, they would have to give you the whole paper not just a little write up :) I love it..

Twirl Girl said...

that is a really good pic of Mcain how did you get that