Thursday, October 22, 2009

The End of An Era

Seven years ago this month I set up my first crib. AJ's due date was right around the corner and I couldn't wait for him to come. By this time I was off work because of pre-term labor and we filled our days with getting ready and putting a birthday hat on my belly. Auntie kept telling him to come out so she could kiss his face off. That's why I think he was late. He was worried about Auntie.
Since that time I have had a crib up in out house. When AJ outgrew his it was time to get it ready for JM. JM demolished that crib by knocking it over frequently. We bought a new one for Little Peanut and before she was out of it Grasshopper had arrived and had his own.
Last night we took Grasshopper's crib apart. Yesterday he wanted his blanket so he climbed into his crib and back out again. That's the sign, no more crib, it's time for a big boy bed. It was the end of an era here. Very sad. My babies are getting so big.
Here's a few pictures from the years. I searched and searched but couldn't find the picture of Little Peanut in her crib. So here are the boys. AJ almost seven years ago. JM. Grasshopper. Happy to be in his big boy bed. He did a good job staying in it too! It makes me a little sad to not have a baby in a crib. Now, when we don't have any more diapers I'll throw a PARTY!!!


ShaggaBear said...

he looks very happy in his big boy bed. It is the end of an era.

Karen said...

so glad he likes his big bed. sniff sniff, they grow up too fast. AJ loves my kisses as well as the rest of them!! <3 muah

The Downing 5 said...

No Crib...How Sad! Now, a new stage has officially begun (you know the one with no cribs...he he he)

Nathan said...


Justin Narin said...

That is both sweet and ... good to see grasshopper managing a big bed :)

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Antique Mommy said...

My kiddo will be six soon and is still sleeping in the toddler version of the crib. His legs stick ou the end. My mother is bringing us a twin bed soon and the thought of stashing that crib in the attic makes me just a little sad. Sigh.