Monday, January 04, 2010

Christmas Update

We had decided earlier in the month that we weren't going to travel for Christmas because Nathan only got 4 days off. Wednesday morning we decided to drive to Ohio when Nathan got off work. We left home about 4:30 pm and got to Ohio at 4 am Christmas Eve. My sister knew we were coming but that was about it. It was a lot of fun surprising people who thought we weren't going to come.
We stayed at my sister's house and her kids were really excited to wake up on Christmas Eve and find their cousins there. We stayed until Sunday morning and then drove all day to get home. We got home about 11 pm. We spent about 3 hours in traffic on the way down a couple mountains.
It's a Cousin Party!
Papa and Grasshopper.
Christmas morning. Peanut had a fever and didn't feel good.
Grasshopper, Thaddeus, and Sarah.
Sarah, Doodle Bug, Peanut, and Abby.

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palmtreefanatic said...

cute! sorry I missed your visit:(