Saturday, May 01, 2010

JM Has Parts Removed

JM has always been a heavy breather from the moment he was born. I would be nursing him in public and people would ask if he was okay because it sounded like he was drowning. He seems to always have a snotty nose as well. When we took him in for his well child check up after his birthday I asked the dr. about his adenoids. The dr. referred us to a ENT.
The ENT confirmed what we were pretty sure needed to happen- adenoid surgery. Since he's never had a sore throat they decided to not mess with his tonsils and just take out the adenoids. The surgery was set for a week away. We stocked up on popsicles.
I took him to the hospital early on that Friday and during our time there read a whole C.S. Lewis novel. He was a trooper and had the nurses all wrapped around his finger. Amy Chicken was there through the whole thing. She also had her adenoids removed and I didn't even know chickens have adenoids.
Off to surgery in a wagon....I want someone to pull me around in a wagon.Back from surgery still loopy on drugs...makes Sesame Street that much more entertaining. All ready to go home.


ShaggaBear said...

Amy is such a faithful chicken friend! How sweet of her to endure a surgery for JM! :)

Hope said...

Poor thing!