Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Aria!

Several months ago I promised Aria a birthday party with friends thinking that we’d have our house by then. Not! The beginning of April arrived and I realized I needed to deliver on the party and had no space. Oh well! I called a friend at church that has a princess business. She brings the princess of your choice to your party and based on the package she’ll do all sorts of things with the kids. Since I was really not up for planning games etc this seemed like the perfect choice. The girl who played our princess goes to our church and is just the sweetest thing.

Aria LOVES Cinderella so that who we picked. She came to the party with a gift for Aria. They had princess class where the girls, and my boys, learned to curtsy, wave, and bow like princesses. She read her life story to the girls. (us moms were DYING, she was so funny) and then after helping Aria open her presents the girls all got their nails painted. It was perfect. I made cupcakes for Aria and Pioneer Woman’s cherry limeade. The party was a HIT.


Aria with her favorite babysitter, Kylie. Kylie also happens to be best friends with Cinderella so I asked her to come help with all the little girls. She was so excited to come and to get to see her best friend at work. SmileDSC_0241

Aria’s friends from school and dance class.DSC_0242DSC_0244DSC_0247DSC_0251DSC_0260DSC_0263DSC_0264DSC_0266DSC_0267

Thank you Cinderella for a lovely party!


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures--beautiful princess--Aria, of course! By the way, Aria's hair looks lovely :)

ShaggaBear (Linda) said...

Sorry I messed with the layout - these pictures may not be where you wanted them.
Aria is SUCH a princess!

#2 said...

OMG there are like so many sparkles! Including in Aria's eyes. Wow you can tell she just loved it. Well done Cinderella