Monday, October 14, 2013

In Which No One Got Any Sleep

Thursday morning Aurelia woke up feeling a little warm and a bit fussy. I figured she was teething or fighting a bug. At our pediatrician’s office they do all the infant well checks in the early morning before all the sick kids come in. William had a check up scheduled for Friday morning. I decided to be a good mom and cancel it so I wouldn’t expose anyone to whatever Aurelia had.
She spent the day napping and being a little crabby. By bed time she was still warm. I gave her some Tylenol and Nathan tucked her in. She woke up a couple hours later still fussing. I tucked her in the chair with me to watch some tv and entertain her with my phone. She’s getting good at self portraits.
At 10 pm she was feeling warm enough that I was concerned. Her temp was 101.3. I called the UNC nurses hotlines and they gave me the usual tips, Tylenol, light clothes, lots of liquids, follow up with the doctor tomorrow. She rolled around on our bed and the more I felt her the more warm she felt. We took her temperature at 11 pm and it had jumped to 104.2. Meet concerned mama!
I packed a diaper bag and Nathan got dressed. Since William’s sole source of food is me, I couldn’t take her. Off to the pediatric ER. Thank God for living in a large city. It was after midnight when Nathan got there. I’m very helpful with texts. My messages are in blue and Nathan’s replies are in white.




As you can see, they were very thorough. They did an X-ray to check for pneumonia, which I learned how to spell that night, thank you Iphone. They did a cath to check for a UTI. They checked for an ear infection. She did NOT appreciate all this attention. At one point Nathan and I facetimed (Skype for the Iphone) and I sang to her for a bit. Ignore my 2 am hair and facial expression.
Ultimately it was ruled that everything was clear. And of course, proper follow up for an ER visit is a doctor appointment.They got home about 4 am. The other kids all have to be up at 6 am to get ready for school.
Remember that good mama that I was being earlier….now I had to call first thing Friday morning and try to get her in to see the doctor.
Thankfully we had a great pediatrician and they were able to see her and do William’s check up. She was stuck to Daddy for most of it, still in her pajamas.
William is healthy and fit and weighing in at 12 pounds 9 ounces. Yes, that’s correct, porky boy gained over 3 pounds in 4 weeks. Sheesh.
It’s now Monday morning, she seems to be back to herself. And I learned that you never cancel a doctor appointment.

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ShaggaBear (Linda) said...

glad she's doing ok. bummer for no-sleep night. I hate those!