Friday, March 30, 2007

A Birthday Meme

I know it's not my birthday but I found this meme over at Kisses of Sunshine I thought, "well, I not going to post but I'll go check out my birthday." I found some things that were interesting to me, so I thought I would share.
Here's what you do.
  1. Go to Wikipedia and search the month and day you were born on, but not the year. Mine is September 4th.
  2. List three events that happened on your birthday.
  3. List two important birthdays and one death.
  4. List one holiday or observance if there are any.
  5. Last, leave a comment and let me know you played so I can come see what your answers were.

5 Events

  1. In 1888 George Eastman registered the trademark Kodak, and received a patent for his camera that uses roll film. I love Kodak!
  2. In 1894, in New York City, 12,000 tailors went on strike against sweatshop working conditions.
  3. In 1950 the Beetle Bailey comic strip began.
  4. In 1957, Orville Faubus, governor of Arkansas, called out the National Guard to prevent African American students from enrolling in Central High School in Little Rock.
  5. In 1972, Mark Spitz won his seventh gold medal and the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany, becoming the first Olympian to do that. He swam in only seven events setting a world record in each one. He must have had nice arms. :)

Births and Deaths

  1. 1917- Henry Ford II (American industrialist)
  2. 1918- Paul Harvey (American radio broadcastor)
  3. 1981- Beyonce Knowles ( American pop singer) I can't believe we have the same birthday.
  4. one death- 2006- Steve Irwin (Austrailian naturalist and television personality) I cried last year when I heard this on the morning news.

Holidays or Observances

  1. Ocassionally Labor Day falls on my birthday but every year the French celebrate Quatre Septembre, the Proclamation of the Third Republic in 1870.

This was kind of educational and interesting. Let me know if you're going to play along. Happy investigating.


Heather said...

Hey interesing meme. Speaking of meme's I am tagging you for one! Over at 10000 things blog. Check it out! Good to see you online again:)

Billy said...

Hey, I liked the meme. Don't have the energy to do the research now but I enjoyed yours!

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