Saturday, March 03, 2007


Survivor is possibly my favorite show on television. I love Gilmore Girls but Survivor is just a bit more exciting. I love rooting for the underdogs. I wish I could do the challenges with the tribes and even think that it would be fun to be on that show. I would want to last as long as I could but I don't think I would apply with the million dollars in mind. However, by the time I get there I probably would be thinking about it.
Thursday night Sarah and I came up with the great plan to go to Chili's and get their bottomless chips and salsa and just sit for awhile. Nathan agreed that it was a cheap way to get out for awhile. Tabitha agreed to babysit so off we went in the pouring rain. I started the VCR to record Survivor before we left. It was 9:30 almost by the time we got home. Sarah headed off to bed, Nathan was reading, so I decided to watch my episode. I rewound the tape and fastforwarded through the last 15 minutes of Everybody Loves Raymond, that should have been a hint right there. Then I realized that I recorded the wrong channel. I recorded the CW, which I usually do on Tuesdays for Sarah, and not CBS. I quickly called Scott who has TiVo only to find out his was on the military channel and it would have missed it. I sat down on the couch and sobbed, tears and all.
Now I realize that its a television show, and a somewhat silly one. However, at that moment, tiredness, disappointment, hormones, and frustration overruled my logic and I sobbed. I told Nathan through my tears that I realize that this is not something worth crying about but that it was just going to have to be.
One of the other shows I watch is on NBC and I know that they put the episodes of their primetime shows on the Internet. I got online to check out CBS's website and sure enough they post Survivor episodes on there. I had to wait til Friday afternoon to watch but at least I got to see it. It was worth sitting here was a good one. Oh the twists and turns they, the producers, love to throw at the survivors. Its great fun!!!!


Alicia said...

I remember when Survivor was a big deal.. When I was in high school my old church at a survivor competition and the winner won 100 dollars.. well I decided to compete.. and I ended up being the lone survivor and I won the 100 dollars it was nice..

ShaggaBear said...

Horay for tv on the internet!

Heather said...

Oh poor Rachel.. You know it definetly was the combination of things. Glad that you were able to see it the next day! We just got that DVR and I am loving it! I don't watch much tv, but it takes a second to program and you can record 2 shows on different channels at the same time! You can even set it to record a series so in case you forget, it will record. Best thing I've seen in awhile. Love it!