Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cell Phones

This day and age it seems difficult to get by without a cell phone. In my house a cell phone is a must, we don't have a land line. Nathan and I haven't had a land line for a year and a half. Sunday afternoon Sarah, due for an upgrade on her plan, decided that she was getting a new phone. I talked her into giving me her old one which was much nicer than mine. My old one was a basic phone, no fun ringtones, no games, no nothing. It was the basic phone at the time and I loved it.

Back around Mother's Day Nathan and I had talked about getting his mom a cell phone on our plan. She drives over an hour each way to work and is involved in many extra activities both through work and church. Especially during winter driving conditions it would be good for her to have one. With Tabitha's wedding in the works no one really did anything about Mother's Day. So on Sunday we did.

Sarah got the EnV. I got Sarah's old phone activated on my line and used my little one for Nathan's mom. Everyone got a new phone and now Nathan's mom is a WHOLE. LOT. MORE. ACCESSABLE. ( especially since everytime we try to call out there certain people are on the computer... hint hint! ) Here's my new phone. It does have a camera and I like having the family pictures in background. I can download ringtones and instead of "Flight of the Bumblebees" for my mom now it plays the authentic "Pink Panther". I'm getting used to the different sounds. It really threw me off the first few times it rang. And it seems that since I got it, it hasn't rang as much. That's probably all in my head. So I hope this answers anyone's questions they had.


Doug and Stacey said...

I had a great cell phone then downgraded to a basic one. Its so sad not to have ringtone capability.

palmtreefanatic said...

If I had one other then my prepaid deal you know what mine would play?! yup you guessed it! "Girls just wanna have fun"....someday

Heather said...

I just have a basic phone too. I actually had some bad cell phone luck last year when we dropped our land line. I freaked when my 2nd in a row phone died. I bought one on ebay for $24 it came in the box with paperwork, an extra battery, a belt clip and a charger. I thought that was a great deal! So far its worked, but I am getting tempted to upgrade since I never have a camera with me these days! Thanks for the info!!

ShaggaBear said...

cool phone!