Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Did I miss something??

Has anyone noticed that the year 1/4 over??? I feel like I just woke up and realized that it's already April. My sister have both been doing well keeping up with their blogs. It's time to revisit my goals for the year and reevaluate them. I know I have some things to still focus on.
  • The first was my skincare routine. I've been doing good with keeping up but it's not quite working as well for me so I think I'll be making some changes. Morning and night will still be on the chart though.
  • Prayer time is a struggle for us. I'm going to make it a priority tonight.
  • Work-out at the Rec!! Well our pass expired in Feb. we just recently got it renewed. The boys are taking a swim class twice a week and that gets me there. Now I just need to use the 30 min. from the start of AJ's class to the start of JM's to get on the elliptical machine.
  • More organized...that has been happening but it is still an ongoing process. I've been getting rid of lots of stuff. LOTS OF STUFF!
  • as for my Pampered Chef's slowly picking up steam. I'm comfortable with the pace though.
I guess I will also focus on updating my blog a bit more too. For those of you who are interested one of my best friends from high school is an MK named Alex. He's currently riding his bicycle from Austin, Texas to Oregon but here's the interesting part. He's going through Mexico up the western coast. He's keeping a journal here and you can check it out. He's taken some great pictures and has some good commentary to go along with it.
More updates about the family tomorrow.


ShaggaBear said...

glad to see you're posting again.

The Downing 5 said...

Nice to see a post again!

KC said...

Great to have ya back in the blogging world. How are you and the family all doing???

Stayllo said...

I'm glad your back :)

Alicia said...

I'm glad to see you posted something.. I was beginning to think you deserted the blogging world...