Thursday, April 17, 2008

This Just Cracks Me Up

My kids love movies, don't most kids? I try to limit how much tv they watch. We just got the movie Meet the Robinsons. There is one part that just completely cracks me up...which is why I got the movie for the kids. The dinosaur is being controlled by "bowler hat guy" and he's try to capture the boy. "bowler hat guy" says to the dinosaur, "why aren't you seizing the boy?"
The dino says, "Cause I have a big head, and little arms and I'm not sure how well this plan was thought through!"
For some reason that just cracks me up. Now back to the laundry, dishes, and house work!


ShaggaBear said...

I laugh at that, too!!

Stayllo said...

That part cracks me up also. I didn't like that movie much the first time but I liked it much more the second time!

KC said...

LOL that is funny.. I have only seen the 1st 20 minutes of that movie
I took the kids to see it at drive-in last summer but they were showing it as the 2nd movie and everyone fell asleep part way into it so I just left and came home.

Heather said...

My kids love that movie and used to quote that part all the time from the previews even before seeing it. How funny!

The Kilpatricks said...

Rachel, I've been trying to access your blog for a while (our blog site is in Korean so it's a hassle to navigate) and I finally figured out how to get to it from ours. Anyway, it's been fun looking at your pics. We are still here, teaching up a storm and wishing we were back in the States. How are you doing?

Linda Darjean said...

Yes we are still living in the DFW area. Things are going well. You said email you but I dont have your email addy and I tried the link on your profile but it did not work, so I need your email address. Mine is:
Hope you are well!