Friday, May 23, 2008

Here Comes the Busy

Wow! What a weekend we have planned. Tonight I have the first Pampered Chef party I've had in awhile. I'm very excited. I'm hoping to make some great contacts and book some June shows. A friend of mine is hosting it and she's so sweet, I'm looking forward to spending some time with her. While I'm 'working' Nathan will be having a softball game. Hopefully we'll work out the kid situation to everyone's satisfaction.
Tomorrow is yard work and errands with the family. I'm sure we'll be attending church in the evening. Nathan will be working half a day and working on his ditch.Groceries must be gotten since today is payday...and bills too.
Sunday we will be going to church and nephew is graduating!! I can't believe how big and old he is. Makes me feel really old. But.....not quite as seasoned as my sis. It's her birthday! Happy Birthday Sis!!!! We'll be having a big ol' shindigg for her birthday. Nathan take notes- I love shindiggs! I can't decide what to get her. I'm sure I'll come up with something.
And as I was typing I realized that this is a holiday weekend! Hokey pete! We'll be doing the bonfire/family thing all together and perhaps I will be on my game enough to post pictures. And right around the corner is Nathan's birthday. He wants to have friends over so I guess I better get planning on that too! Man was I right...Here comes the busy! I guess I better make sure all my house chores are all caught up. See ya later!
*updated- I'm also going yard saling this morning with a friend and all four of my guys in the van too!! What fun.


Heather said...

Oh the busy season! Gotta love to be so blessed with so many people to celebrate!

Good luck yard saling! With the weather so nice this morning, I was looking through the ads too. Gotta get Ethan and Elena clothes for school next year!

palmtreefanatic said...

busy indeed! missed ya at church!
hope to see ya at the big birthday party!