Thursday, May 22, 2008

Water, Water, Everywhere

It occurs to me that AJ hasn't gotten much front page time recently so here's some info on what he's been doing lately. Aside from preschool and the usual church activities AJ took swim lessons last month at our local rec center. JM did too but I had to be in the water with him for his class so thankfully there are no pictures of that. :) AJ did very well in his class learning to blow nose bubbles and working on his front and back glide. Honestly though, I think the part he enjoyed the most was the goggles that we bought him. Hopefully he'll get more practice in since we're planning on spending some time at the rec outdoor pool this summer. I think the goggles make him look like a bug!

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Joseph said...

so, love this post!

So yeah, back to the comment you left... :-) you do realize I was blogging while you were in a stage of "silence" :-P


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