Monday, March 02, 2009

News Flash...

I'm home. The encounter was really great. It was nice to visit with ladies from church and get to know them better. For those of you who have been to Cleansing Stream Retreat it was very much like that. The differences were not big. With regard to hitting the major issues it was not as thorough as CS. We did have small group time though, that I really enjoyed. We were able to pray for specific things with the different members of our group and in that way I enjoyed it more than CS. This coming weekend Nathan is going to the same thing only for the men. He's really looking forward to it.
As to the hint I gave on Friday. We adopted a cat. :) Her name is Miracle. She's 3 years old and all black. She's fixed and update on her shots. She's very affectionate with us if we're actively paying attention to her. If we wander off she hides until we're ready to love on her more. It's kind of weird. Nathan is happy to have a black cat again and I'm just waiting for her to adjust to us. I still very much miss Dirk, Al, and Scrappy.
Without giving details, God seems to be bringing about a very specific opportunity for me to serve. Right now Nathan and I are being patient and waiting for the door to be fully open and clearly marked. We don't want to rush. I am spending my time researching and asking lots of questions of those who have gone before me. We would appreciate your prays for wisdom and God's guidance. Is that vague enough for you?
Tomorrow I will be joining in Toile Tuesdays at Pretty Organized Palace. I'm looking forward to lots of toile. I've got very specific plans for our little house.

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palmtreefanatic said...

thats great rachel!
sounds like a wonderful time you had and what God is doing there!

Is your new cat declawed too? post photos!