Friday, March 27, 2009

Yesterday Morning

Here's how yesterday morning went.

6:45-get up, make AJ's lunch, go back to bed, note to self MOPS today

7:20-Nathan wakes me up to say goodbye, doorbell rings, me-in jammies, Nathan tells me Grasshopper is in need of a change

7:21-neighbor missed the bus and needs a ride to school.

7:22-throw on clothes and ask what time she has to be there, thinking I'll throw clothes on the kids and take them with us and get ready for MOPS when we get back, reminder from Nathan about poopy diaper on Grasshopper

7:23- neighbor informs me she has to be there at 7:35, I realize there is NO way we'll make it in time, mind scrambles, I hand her the keys to the van and say, "Have your mom bring the baby over, and I'll watch him while she runs you to school."

7:24- start changing diaper, poop was an understatement, massive overflow disaster would have been more accurate, move Grasshopper to the bathroom

7:25-neighbor baby (boy 18 months, almost size of JM) shows up, crying cause he's never been over here, I turn Clifford on for him, run between mess in bathroom and hysterical baby in living room

7:26 start rinsing Grasshopper off, wash his hair, remember today is Mops mom's birthday and I was supposed to make warm nutty caramel brownies, remember that we have no rollos, no chocolate chips, and no brownie mix. Mild panic

7:28 dry and dress Grasshopper, dress Peanut, make JM get dressed, hope and pray neighbor will watch kids while I run to the store

7:40 neighbor returns, girls to school on time (YAY!) agrees to watch kids while I run to wal-mart

7:50 arrive at Walmart, grab 3 items, get in checkout lane behind person with birthday party supplies.....t a k e s f o r e v e r.

8:15 arrive home, grab kids from next door, note to self fix hair before leaving house again, throw brownies together and double and triple check recipe to be sure I'm not forgetting something, continue feeling like I forgot something.

8:20 put brownies in oven

8:25 fix hair, check brownies, pack diaper bag, do makeup, grab necklace and watch, throw cute scarf on

8:40 take out brownies, put rollos in, realize I forgot to put the nuts and brown sugar on top before baking, top with chocolate, herd kids to the van

8:50 buckle seat belts, prep front seat for hot stoneware

8:55 check with neighbor about going, she's waiting for a phone call and can't go

9:10 pull out of driveway with everything

9:30 arrive at MOPS and ask other moms who forgot to remind me about making snack.....

can I have a nap now?


Lori_N said...

Too funny...I'm exhausted. I need a nap too. I'm impressed that you made it...awesome!!

Hope your day is filled with nothing :)

palmtreefanatic said...

lol! sounds like a nice START of the day!
Glad you made it!

ShaggaBear said...

I'm impressed that you were able to track the minutes with all that going on!! Way to go, Super Mom.