Saturday, April 04, 2009

Halfway House

Yesterday my plan was to leave home at 10 am. Thanks to very slow pokey people at the supercenter lube place it was more like 12:30. The kids did great though. They feel asleep and we didn't make any stops. My GPS kept saying arrival time 4:30. I thought, "Man, I rock!" Until it was 3:30 and I realized that the GPS hadn't figured out the time change. Darn it! We did good even with traffic though and made it about 5:30.
There were so many motor homes on the road yesterday. License plates from Quebec, Ontario, New Jersey, New York. It was like an exodus north. I get giddy when I see signs for Washington. I know there is something important about that. Nathan and I are loving the adventure that we are discovering in front of us.
And something that makes me so goosebumpy is the Bay Bridge. I do really well driving over it in daylight but the last time we drove over it was at night in fog. Here is was today.
Finally, we made it Uncle Michael and Aunt Melissa's. PLAY TIME!


Mama Lily said...

You'd better concentrate on driving and NOT taking pictures. Crazy woman driver!! So glad they got to play with Uncle Michael! :)

ShaggaBear said...

ditto to what Mama Lily said!! glad you made it here safely!

Nathan said...

Love you babe! When are you coming home? The cat's going stir crazy with no one here all day.