Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cause My Husband is Scared of Turtle Claws

Last night I was going to run out to W*l-M*rt to get a roller to finish this project which has been hanging over my head. As I was getting ready to turn off of our street I saw a nice sized turtle in the middle of the road. Nathan was in the yard so I parked the car right there at the stop sign and jumped out. I called Nathan and the kids over to see the turtle.
We took a couple of pictures and then I suggested Nathan take it back down by the creek that is a ways behind our house. He laughed at the idea of picking it up. I told him to just grab it and carry it. Nathan was intimidated by the large claws on all four legs. Here is his solution.
That turtle, we discovered, could move quite fast when it felt threatened. I was laughing really hard at him trying to pick it up with softball gloves.
We carried it back into the field near a ravine with water so hopefully he will be okay.


ShaggaBear said...

that was funny watching nathan run after the turtle! I guess some kids in the neighborhood were watching? or were those YOUR kids with the thick southern accent?

JenT said...

Too funny! So I'm guessing it was a snapping turtle.

palmtreefanatic said...

funny! Turtles are really fast I know from when we had one! They can be quite entertaining!