Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Hair Fell

Yesterday was AJ's last day of school for the summer. Yea! Of course, that meant that everything in his cubby and desk came home, including his pencil box. In his pencil box were crayons, pencils, and his nice little scissors. Someone found those nice little scissor and decided to do a little styling of her own. I wonder who taught her that?
She was in the bathtub when we found the hair on the floor. We didn't see how bad it was until it dried. This morning I call my hairstylist and she was able to work us in at 3:30.
Now, typically, Little Peanut will not be sweet around strangers. She gives the dirtiest looks you've ever seen and won't smile or do what you ask her to do. I knew it was going to be important for her hold still and do what the hairstylist asked so I started talking up our little outing. I told her what a big girl she was to get to go to the salon, how fun it would be to sit in the big chair, she needed to smile pretty cause mom was going to take pictures. And the icing on the cake, a green apple slushie from Sonic if she was good and held still. It worked.
She was a little princess. She marched right it with her little sunglasses. She smiled and was sweet. She also blammed her hair mess on her older brother. She talked and chattered and everyone fell in love with her.
We got to Sonic just in time to catch the end of Happy Hour, half priced drinks, less than a dollar and a half. What was that? A small slushie doesn't cost a dollar and half???? That's because I got a large cherry limeade of course.
See, it was hot....I needed something to cool off.
And in other news, JM did this to Grasshopper this morning.


Anonymous said...

She looks like a little younger version of JM! How did the black eye happen--or should I ask?

ShaggaBear said...

her hair looks cute with the wispies on the side. Glad she did good.

and poor little grasshopper. if it's not 1 thing, it's twenty!!

palmtreefanatic said...

she looks SO much like JM, wow!
The joys of kids;)

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Oh my!! Nothing to do in either case but take pictures. I think the laughing comes in a few years when the hair's all grown out.

We haven't had any haircutting incidents but we have had our fair share of shiners, scrapes & bites. Oh! And one hand cut with a pair of scissors.

Hope said...

Oh, kids... ya gotta love 'em.

The Downing 5 said...

You have ALL the fun!

KC said...

LOL Rachel.. I tell ya all your kids are going to become hairstylist when they grow up. ;-)