Thursday, September 10, 2009

4th of July

(*I found this in my posts and apparently it was never ya go)
Yeah, I know, July is almost over's still July.
The 4th is my favorite holiday. I love celebrating the birth of our country. The power of the what those great men sacrificed for us, the future generations, is overwhelming to me. But my views on that are for another post.
This was the first year in 7 years that I have been apart from my family on the 4th. I was shocked at how home sick I was. We always go to the parade, have a picnic together, and then go back and watch the fireworks. The fireworks are always the best part for me. To top the day off we found out that my wallet had been stolen the day before including my drivers license and debit card. Much drama ensued for a couple of hours.
Once we got everything sort out the day seemed a lost cause. We called a couple of friends and organized a cookout and then ventured to a small nearby town for fireworks. We ended up having a blast. (pun intended)
Here's Laura reading to the kids before dinner.
Jessica and Aryeh.
Me, my honey, my baby.
JM and Little Peanut with a new friend. Me, Candice, and Laura.
Pooped out on the way home.


Karen said...

JM looks quite unsure of his "new friend" :) Love the last pic!

christa elyce said...

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Christa Sherrard

Cate O'Malley said...

Love the pic of the kids sleeping - too cute!

Anonymous said...

Really cute pictures :) Good to know who had great day inspite of the loss our wallet with lot of things in it.

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