Friday, September 04, 2009

Field Trip

Since we are homeschooling AJ this year we decided that it was important to us to join the local homeschool association. So far we're very pleased with it. They have more activities a year than you can shake a stick at, from preschool outings/playgroups music classes, p.e. classes to high school science fairs/historian clubs and even a graduation ceremony complete with yearbooks. AJ is in the first grade this year and we had our first field trip yesterday. He's gone on field trips before but with so many others at home I haven't had an opportunity to go with him.
Yesterday we went to a local fire station. Since it's all homeschoolers I got to take JM as well. Little Peanut and Grasshopper went to a sitter. The weather was beautiful, sunny skies and a cool breeze. We got a tour of the fire station and a tour of all the tools on the fire truck.
The sun was just a little bright.
One of the fire fighters demonstrated how they put on all their gear and what they sound like when they are breathing with their air masks on. They do sound just like Darth Vader. After putting everything on slowly and talking about each piece he gave a us a speed demonstration. These firefighters are required to be completely dressed in under 60 seconds. They wouldn't put their air tanks and helmets on until they get to the scene but he did for us. And I videoed it. hehe. (stupid computer...I can't turn my video right side up. please don't get a crick in you neck!)
Afterwards the kids all got firehats and books. What a fun first field trip. I'm looking forward to more.


ShaggaBear said...

how fun! love the picture with the reflection in the wheel.

for the video, it's the camera, not the computer. mine is the same way, you can't turn the camera on it's side.

Karen said...

you can certainly tell you are in the south, hearing the voices on your video! :) Cute pictures. In the first one it almost looks like Little Buddy standing next to JM

palmtreefanatic said...

how fun!