Sunday, November 01, 2009

Fall Festival

Each year our church has a Fall Festival on Halloween. Each life group is responsible for a booth. You can plan a game, food item, etc. You have to have a theme and do decorations, the whole nine yards. Our life group is fairly new and I was more than a little overwhelmed by the task seeing as we had never even been the Fall Festival. Thankfully, Jessica and Aryeh teamed up with us. I didn't even have an idea for a theme. Jessica suggested the Princess Bride and I ran with it. Part of the assignment was that our life group was supposed to be dressed up as well. Thanks to our life group for their load and loads of help and hard work. We couldn't have done it without them.
Princess Buttercup.
Hector and Aryeh getting our booth ready.
What a pretty princess.
Little Peanut helped Jessica hand out candy to everyone who came to our booth.
Knights in training.
Look who came home from the war! It's Reggie with Princess Buttercup.
Aryeh the Giant with Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR). And yes, the DPR has his glasses on over his mask.
The DPR with his knights in training.
The DPR with some little wench.
Me and Candice.
Nathan had a little to much fun with my camera. And yes, I did make my costume. And no, I didn't get a full length picture of it. Sorry.


Nathan said...

The DPR is looking forward to spending some more quality time with aforementioned wench... :-)

Anonymous said...

Your dress turned out great! Everyone looked fantastic! I'm sure you had a great time too. Who kept the littlest knight, or was he there too?

KC said...

You guys look great, looks like you had a load of fun.
The JB on the shirts in my photos stood for Justin Bieber. They went as Justin Bieber Fans.. they weren't thinking that everyone was going to think of Jonas bros when they saw JB. Neither of those girls like the Jonas brothers at all so they got sick of people asking them.. LOL.. the other girl in the photos mom made up the shirts and gave it to Aubrie so she can't complain. There was about 5 of them who had shirts like that at school that day.