Monday, March 29, 2010

Last Week...

...we had company from Ohio. Nathan's brother Peter came down with one of my best friends Sarah and her daughter Julia. On Sunday we went on what has become known as the 'Day Trip from Hades'.Grasshopper and Peanut woke up with some allergy breathing struggles and had to be taken to Urgent Care. Then we had to wait for the W*l-M*rt pharmacy to open to get the happy happy steriods that allow my children to breath easily. Finally we were able to leave for the beach.I drove the girls,(Laura, Sarah, Julia, and myself) in her car. Nathan and Peter drove our four children. We got seperated, mainly because my husband is a poky driver when I'm not with him. And something about having make 5 stops for our children to go to the bathroom. They get that from their dad. I never stop to go to the bathroom. Thanks Dad for teaching me that! Sarah's GPS lead us on every back country road from here to Currituck.We finally made it to Peanut's lighthouse only to find out that it opens next week. Seriously, why would it be closed? How silly is that? And to top it all, the bathrooms were closed too.
The guys finally arrived with the food. Next time the coolers go in my car! We had a picnic at a nice little playground. Grasshopper had soaked his pants in the car. Apparently with 5 pit stops no one thought to change his diaper. It didn't seem to bother him at all. Of course it clouded up and got cold and windy after being sunny the whole day.We finally made it the beach and the ocean. The water was like painful icy needles but the kids had fun digging in the sand. I love the beach. I could sit and listen to and watch the waves All. Day. Long. I want to spend a month on the beach just watching the ocean.We left for home after about an hour and a half. I was afraid the children were going to turn into popsicles.
We made it home and started washing all the sand off the children. Nathan said that they did not sleep at all on the way home which would explain why they all fell asleep quickly after their baths.


ShaggaBear said...

at least you made the best of it.

I read on "Salsa in China" that if you put baby powder on your skin, the sand comes right off. haven't tried it yet but they say it works.

michelle said...

Such great pictures! I want to go to the beach, but warmer weather! ha.