Monday, November 25, 2013

Aches and Pains

also known as Andrew’s birthday party. Andrew had a big party with friends and a sleepover last year. This year we decided to do something just as our family. There’s an indoor trampoline place in Raleigh called Defy Gravity. Monday night is family night and for a very reasonable price. We got a babysitter for William and Aurelia and just took the big kids. They ALL had a blast. We will definitely be taking advantage of that again. Here are a few pictures and videos from that night. I only had my phone so the pictures aren’t great quality. There are several videos at the end of the post for Grandma. I figured she would enjoy watching Nathan jumping since he spent a lot of time as a kid jumping on her trampoline.
A view of most of the space.

 Christopher in relation to the trampolines.

Nathan flying high.

Andrew taking a dive into the 8 foot deep foam pit.

There are things hanging from the ceiling, eg-basketball goal, punching bags, ball, etc. You can jump up and sink a basket here. Christopher and Nathan shooting hoops.


Pretty much the only picture where Joshua isn't a blur.

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