Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Trick or Treat

For Halloween the boys wanted to be the Robertson’s from Duck Dynasty. They’re a Christian family that is about as redneck as they come. And I say that will all love. Don’t forget-I’m WV and KY bred and born. Aria was unsure what to be. I decided I had some things I could remake and she and Aurelia could be matching little black cats. After trick or treating for awhile Andrew and Joshua came home to hand out candy with me. They ended up hiding in the bushes and jumping out to scare the middle and high schoolers who were out. They totally cracked me up!

Here are some pictures before they headed out. Nathan took Aurelia with them in the stroller and she had a blast strolling around the neighborhood. She was much admired!




And someone had too much sugar and face planted right on her bed, ears still on.

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