Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Men and Football

This is something I just don't understand. My husband is not a sports fan by any stretch of the imagination. There is no sport that he watches...ever! He likes to play for the church softball team in the summer but he doesn't follow any baseball teams. We have a family friend that loves the Indians. He and his wife follow their whole season and plan their social activities around when the games are on t.v. My brother-in-law is a Steelers fan. No one is perfect I say. However, he watches them play and usually knows how their season is going. My brother loves West Virginia football. As long as I can remember he's been a fan. Another brother-in-law is a big Browns fan. He watches football at his grandmother's almost weekly. But my husband is somehow missing the gene.
He has not watched one football game at all this year. Not even a little bit of football. Then on Sunday when they announced the Super Bowl Party he was all ready to go. I asked him who was in the Super Bowl and HE DIDN'T KNOW!!!!! I on the other hand have watched several games this year and knew that the Colts and the Bears were playing. Needless to say, I gave him much hounding on the subject!
I did get to go with him and we had a good time with no children. The Colts won! YEAH!!!!!! We each won a door prize too. My darling husband picked a football. This gave me much amusement. But he will enjoy it in the back yard this summer with the boys!


Dale said...

LOL! We did have fun there, didn't we! You know, it's funny how The Nerd Factor and Sports are directly related... Like two magnets pushing each other in opposite directions!!!!

The Salmoiraghi Clan said...

your poor hubby! :-( I hear they have a surgery for introducing the missing genetic code, in and out, no pain at all, maybe. haha

Rachel Anne said...

Hi Rachel, Thanks for the visit to my blog! Nice to know there is another Survivor fan out there. My husband's interest in sports has ebbed and flowed over the years. He's mostly into hockey, but even that is not too bad. We don't get cable so he rarely watches. Your hubby sounds sweet. I've enjoyed stopping over to "meet" you! Great first name, BTW!