Monday, February 12, 2007


Last Monday was supposed to be AJ's first day of preschool. He was very excited. We registered him for the afternoon class at the local preschool. Both Puk Puk and Doodle Bug, my nephew and neice, attended there so I'm familiar with the routine. Andrew kept asking if today was a school day. Mommy was pretty excited too, for the quiet afternoons. So far though I haven't gotten the quiet part yet.
That morning we went to Picture People and got family pictures taken. Then AJ was supposed to go to school. Due to extremely cold weather he wasn't able to go. They canceled school here for two days. AJ ended up with a short week at school.
Today is his first Monday. We're hoping for a full we however the weather reports are finally calling for a big snow storm here and are predicting no school on Wednesday. Honestly, I think it's about time we got more snow than an inch or so. I'm kind of jealous of Northern New York and their 8 feet. I guess we'll just have to move. :)


piano boy said...

And I can just hear you whining about not being able to get out of the house, etc...
Better not wish for things you don't really want.

Love ya

palmtreefanatic said...

its coming! so much for the HUGE chocolate dish imade!
bummer! i would have been fine with no school tomorrow, but today? jelena had to be off yesterday because of her im gaining another kid!
i guess ill see what i can tackel for tuesday...

The Salmoiraghi Clan said...

yay for snow, measured 6 inches a few hours ago here. so yeah, new blog, i finally saw your comment, haha