Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cough Drops and Assisted Living Facilities

Preschoolers are amusing...and I'm sure no one knows what exactly goes on in their heads.
Today I went to pick up AJ after school. I picked up his backpack before I went in the room to get him. It was kind of heavy. I was very curious because the only thing he ever brings home is papers. I opened it and there was a large bag of Halls Cherry Cough Drops. I couldn't imagine what they were doing in there.
AJ's teacher was apparently expecting a confused expression from me because when I walked in the room she came right over and asked to explain why my four year old had a big bag of cough drops in his backpack.
Once a month the morning class goes to a local assisted living facility and sings songs for the residents. On a different day, the afternoon class goes to play Bingo with the residents. AJ is in the afternoon class and yesterday was Bingo. Apparently the winners get to pick something out of a basket. The prizes are geared toward things that would be useful to the residents. AJ won twice in a row so that was what he selected out of the basket. On the way back to class he said to he teacher, "I think I might need one of those when we get back."
His teachers were very amused. She said, "At least he didn't pick the toilet paper. One kid picked that today."
I said, "Hey, you'll definitely use it."
I never know what to expect when I go to pick him up.

anyone need a cough drop?? We have plenty!!!


palmtreefanatic said...

LOL! not yet ask me in a couple months!
Go AJ!

ShaggaBear said...

*cough* *cough*... pass one over.

hee hee

Alicia said...

cute story... and interesting too...

Lori_N said...

That is so funny. What a great idea for the kids to go visit the assisted living community. I love Bingo, but cough drops? Of course, I'll probably come down with a cold and sore throat and wish I had some:)