Monday, November 12, 2007

Musical Stylings of JM

The other day after buckling JM into his carseat he told me he wanted to sing for me. He doesn't usually interact with us like that, he's too busy playing Buzz Lightyear. This day however, he was the only one in the van with me which doesn't happen very often. I think he was enjoying my undivided ears if that makes any sense.
This is what I heard.
"A B C D L M N O P how I wonder what you time sing with me. "

For the last several weeks our neighbors have been getting a new roof put on their house, new siding, and doing some painting. They've hired this one guy to do the job. He's out there almost every day and he's close to being done. The boys have been interested a little but not as much as I thought they would be unless it's convenient to their goals.
For example, today I told JM to go up stairs for naptime and he promptly sat down on the steps by the window and said, "I'm watching 'worker man'!" I thought it was funny. Anything to get out of a nap.


cinnamon said...

How cute. He is so sweet.

Twirl Girl said...

Hey I have finally updated my blogspot.

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