Monday, January 26, 2009

I Got Their Ears Lowered

Last Friday I had had enough. AJ and JM's hair was driving me crazy. I looked in the phone book and found a SuperCuts with an address that I knew. I told mom I would take pictures for her. It was late enough getting out the door that I called Nathan to see if he wanted to do lunch with all of us. He said yes so we took off for the plant. 10 minutes into a 30 minute drive to the plant I realized that I left the camera at home. I wasn't about to turn around or we would miss Nathan's lunch time.
We met him and drove into town to Wendy's. Nathan was busy getting the kids settled and I was ordering when an older couple at a nearby table struck up a conversation with Nathan. The gentleman asked if the good looking lady at the counter was his wife and if all the kids were his. He answered yes to both questions. The couple seemed to enjoy watching the kids enteract and before they left told us that we had a lovely family.
After lunch I drove all. the. way. home. for the camera. (I hope you appreciate this mother) And then back into town to the salon. JM went first and did really well, probably because he had a good 50 minute nap in the van. The lady who cut their hair was great and went fast so they didn't have to sit. We'll definitely be back there.
AJ has lost a total of two teeth and he one more loose. Here is his mouth. I couldn't believe how hard it was to get him to show me the hole. You can see where the new teeth are already coming in. Have a good day!!!


ShaggaBear said...

They look so cute! Andrew is getting so big. I miss you guys!

Mama Lily said...

you were very generous to go get the camera.....thanks. :) they look great. Miss you guys so much

The Downing 5 said...

They look so the missing teeth!!!

Heather said...

Look how they are growing! I hope you are good Rachel. Miss your smiling face:)