Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Unfortunate Projection

For the last couple of days JM and Little Peanut have been under the weather a little. Mostly laying around, not eating much at all, and several nights ago JM threw up. The side effect of this is that we've watched more t.v. than they are normally allowed. And although I know it's coming back to haunt me they are creatures of habit and watch the same 2 movies everyday.
Last night we thought it was just about over. Peanut had a fever yesterday and we decided to stay home from church. Boy was that a good idea. We got all the kids washed and in bed. Nathan was just sitting down to watch an episode of Dirty Jobs, which oddly enough was about a diaper cleaning service, when we heard Little Peanut coughing. Nathan gave her a breathing treatment and put her back in bed. As the Queen Whiner she was back asking to sit in Nathan's lap so there they were cuddled up on the couch when all of a sudden....

An Unfortunate Projection-

all over Nathan's white work uniform and all over her. He rushed her to the bathroom as lots more flowed. After much wiping down and changing of jammies we had her back in bed, only to repeat 3 more times in the next 20 minutes. She finally did get a full night' s sleep. She seems to look better this morning so we're hoping that it's over because we have company coming this weekend and we don't want them to get sick.
And really, if I have to watch Wall-e or Shrek again I think I'm going to have an unfortunate projection.


Mama Lily said...

so sorry. what a bummer. at least Nathan was home. I hate puke! Hope it's all passed now. I'm sure Mike & Sarah don't want to mess with that!

Alicia said...

Having sick kids is not fun! At least little peanut got through it. So how are you anyway? Do you like living in the south?

Hope said...

I love that you call it an unfortunate projection. I'm sorry though. I hate it when the kids are sick. It's so hard.
I also feel your pain about watching movies OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! Right now it's the Backyardigans.

Nathan said...

>>> at least Nathan was home
.. and caught all the puke in my lap. Yes, I am helpful sometimes.

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Oh Yikes!! Been there done that! Don't want the t-shirt. ;)