Monday, February 23, 2009

All the Pretty Princesses

So I watched the Oscars last night. :) Nathan was falling asleep on the couch and it was to early to go to bed so I turned the tv on and realized I was just in time for the Oscars. Coolness.

Just as the show was beginning Peanut came in and got on the couch with me. All the boys in the house were asleep. So she and I cuddled up and watched all the glam.

I must say I'm not usually a big movie/Oscar watcher but this year seemed different to me. Hugh Jackman did an AMAZING job with the opening number. I didn't know he could sing. or dance. or both. Anne Hathaway was beautiful and what a lovely voice.

Peanut couldn't get over all the beautiful princesses, she called them. I loved how 'vintage' the actresses looked this year. All of them were really elegant and in 40's-50's style hair dos. There wasn't really a dress that I saw that was ugly. One of my favorite things that they did this year when presenting the awards for best supporting actor/actress and best actor/actress they had five past winners come and announce them. I just loved the 'generational' aspect of it and how they were commenting on the actors/actresses being nominated. It seemed to make it more special for those being nominated.

My favorite actress of the night must really be a toss up between the lovely Kate Winslet and Penelope Cruz. They were both just beautiful and poised and both thought they were going to faint at the podium. :)

Wall-e, Peanut's favorite character of all time, won Best Animated Picture. She was so excited but I don't think she understood what was really happening.

I really wanted to post some pictures of the princesses but People magazine online won't allow the pictures to be saved. sniff. sniff. Maybe next month Peanut and I will post our favorites.

I do have a few movies that I think Nathan and I might want to watch.
Most importantly Peanut and I had a blast snuggling and ooohing and aaahing over all the Princesses.

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ShaggaBear said...

what a great mommy/daughter memory! how fun.