Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Apparently We Overlooked Something

...and I got to see tonsils. Charming let me say.

Two weeks ago I got a letter from AJ's school saying that he hadn't had a physical this year and was behind in his shots. I was really disturbed by this because his old school had told me they would forward his physical from there with all his records and I had already taken in his shot record for them to copy. In true institution fashion the school threatened suspension if it wasn't taken care of.

When we moved down here I knew I needed to find a doctor fairly quick because of Grasshopper and not knowing when his next attack would come, but I'd been putting it off. I talked to a lady at church and she recommended a doctor that actually wasn't that far from our house. I did some searching online and found that our insurance is accepted by his office. I called and explained the situation as clearly as I could asking them to get us in ASAP. And that day was today...during school hours.

I loaded the 3 little ones in the van. Drove to the school. Unloaded the children. Signed AJ out of school. Waited for him to come to the office. Loaded the children back in the van. Drove to the medical complex (read big enough to be a university hospital system) wandering around until we found the correct building. Peanut was already crying at this point.

I knew that I was going to have to fill out a bunch of paperwork because AJ was a new patient. We finally got in the building and I made the kids sit down. I checked AJ in and was told to wait.

Peanut proceeded to fill her pants. (she's been struggling lately). It stunk really bad. I knew I couldn't leave it so I took her to the bathroom and changed her. AJ and JM were fighting when I got back. Grasshopper was trying to fall on his head. The receptionist finally called me up and gave me all his paperwork. I get back to my seat and JM and AJ have to potty. I told them to go together. Meanwhile Little Peanut is crying.

They call AJ's name. sigh. They boys are in the bathroom. I hurry them up. Holding Grasshopper, Peanut's hand, the clipboard and pen, the diaper bag, and my purse I asked AJ to carry the coats. We finally get to the exam room and I plop down. At least now they are contained.

Peanut filled her pants again. I changed it. Again.

The nurse took him for his height, weight, hearing, and vision check and I had a little talk with the others about behaving. AJ came back in and got stripped for the the doctor. While the doctor was examining AJ he realized that AJ was behind on some boosters that he needed. Thus the threatening letter. He had the nurse check if our insurance would cover it. PRAISE GOD they do!!!!

AJ heard me say, "Let's go ahead and do them while we're here." and immediately the water works started. He cried the 10 minutes the nurse was gone getting them ready.

Princess filled her pants again. I changed it. Again.

They asked me to hold his hands down while they 'shot' him. He screamed so loud and so long. His tonsils are nice and pink I can report. After the shots he had to have his finger pricked and pee in a cup. They thorough at our new doctor's office. JM was bummed he didn't get to watch AJ pee in the cup.
By now I was more than happy to pay our copay and herd the crying whining crew to the van.

We drove home and everyone took a nap. Including me.

Next time I'm going to find someone to watch the others.



palmtreefanatic said...

wow! What an exciting day! I never heard a dull moment in there!

Anonymous said...

This post was even better than when you told me on the phone! I really laughed at JM being bummed! You should live closer to your mom :)!! Love ya, mom

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

You have my complete and total sympathies!!!

ShaggaBear said...

wow! that was exciting! Poor Princess Peanut! and poor Mommy for changing it three times in so short a time. and poor AJ for getting shots. He is good at the drama, though!