Saturday, January 06, 2007

In the Spirit of Technology and Children

The other day Mama Lily posted about Puk Puk, her son, borrowing his older brothers things like keys, phone, wallet, flash drive, ect. This past Wednesday Andrew and I were sitting on the couch watching t.v. The other children were napping and Andrew and I were enjoying cuddling with a blanket. He saw a commercial for a new phone and said something to the effect that, "Sarah has a razer phone."

I corrected him and commented, "Mike's phone is a Motorola razer."

That was all that was said. He didn't ask anymore questions or anything. That night we were driving home from church and Sarah was sitting in the back of the van with Andrew and she was texting Mike. Andrew looked at her and said, "Mike's phone is a Motorola razer."

She about peed her pants. And we all had a good laugh. He really is a funny kid.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JR!!! (he's 14)

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dylan said...

Sorry, but that dosen't seem too funny.