Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Much Needed...and Long Overdue Update!!

I'm so sorry that its been a while. And for leaving everyone hanging about the Phantom of the Opera. It was absolutely amazing. We were 10th row on a side aisle. We had a great view of the stage and could see everything. Nathan and I were really impressed with the cast. La Carlotta, the supporting female role, has performed this role over 4,000 times. Wow, talk about a career. And the man who played the Phantom is the only man to ever play both the Phantom and Jean ValJean from Les Mis on Broadway. He was extrodinarially talented and it was a wonderful evening. Thank you Tammy for watching the boys and Mom for taking care of the peanut.

Things have been very busy around here. I had my second Dr. appointment this last week and finally got to meet the midwife who will be delivering the baby. She's very sweet and trained with my old one. I really like her and feel comfortable with her. They moved my due date back to mid August now. Could be that the baby will be born on my brother's birthday!?

The boys had their check up yesterday. They are both doing great and hitting their milestones well. For the most part they seem to be getting along together better than they did back before Christmas. They are still ornery but that's boys I guess.

The little peanut hit a milestone today. She pulled herself up in her bed. She was kneeling at the rail when I walked in to get her. I'm really excited because I've been kind of concerned about her development but the Dr. told me not to worry that it was more her personality than a delay. And that seems right becuase she is very laid back and serious. However, Daddy will be lowering her crib tonight when he gets home from work.

Nathan updated our computer with some more memory. I always get concerned when he starts messing with something that is already working okay. In the process, he updated my camera software. Now I can't load pictures from my camera to my computer. You'll just have to wait for pictures I guess.

That seems to be all the new news. I promise not to leave you hanging so long again.


Mama Lily said...

glad everyone is doing well. That's great Aria pulled up! Watch out now! She'll be pulling up on everything. Sorry about your pictures...bummer.

palmtreefanatic said...

won't be long and she will be cruising and in to everythng....look out!!
glad to hear the play was good I been wondering...
have a good night!

The Salmoiraghi Clan said...

yaya for updates, now come visit, haha

Billy said...

Glad you had a good time at the Phantom. The extra memory will help, trust me ;-)

ShaggaBear said...

I get nervous when Billy's messing with the computer, too. And I know he knows what he's doing. But weird things do happen. Sorry about your camera not loading. I would be lost without that!