Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Aren't They Cute???

Halloween has always been a bit difficult for me due to all the differing opinions people have about 'to celebrate or to not celebrate.' As a kid my family never ever celebrated it in any way. My husband's family on the other hand did dress up for school and different things. The other night my husband and I were sharing memories and he told me about the year he dressed up as an x-ray. Yes, my husband is a nerd. I don't have any memories like that. We had really discussed how we would handle it with our kids because we hadn't needed to yet.
This week AJ's preschool class is decorating trick or treat bags and going to the assisted living facility to trick or treat. I decided that Nathan and I needed to decided what we were going to do.
After reading this post by KC we decided that we would let our kids dress up and go trick or treating. They are just not allowed to dress up as anything scary.
That being said, last night in our small town was trick or treat. I had no costumes for the kids. I sat wracking my brain trying to think of who might have something we could borrow. Then I remembered Heather has a box of costumes. I called her up and she loaned me some things for the kids.
JM was so funny. He kept looking at me and saying, "I'm getting candy!" He really got the hang of it. Little Peanut rode in the stroller most of the time but she kept a close eye on her little bag. AJ wanted to tell everyone that he was a fireman and that Grasshopper was a little pea pod. It was nice to get out in our neighborhood as a family and introduce ourselves to neighbors that we don't ever see. Nathan says he's just glad we have some chocolate in the house now. Our wonderful neighbor next door knew this was the kids first time so he went earlier and got BIG candy bars for them. They were really excited about that. They had one piece last night and we'll be dolling it out for a long time.
Our brother in law came over last night. Someone who knows my husband and knew him called
and said we'd been out trick or treating so he came over for some candy. Here's what the kids looked like last night.


palmtreefanatic said...

that pea pod is to die for cute;)

Alicia said...

just adorable... your kids are growing up so fast... and they are so cute!

Shaunda said...

just adorable, to cute!!!!

KC said...

Oh my goodness they are too cute.
I'm so glad they had a good time.
I have always loved those pea in a pod costumes. Never got one though. The older 2 were all walking and close to a year old by there 1st trick or treat and Little Man, I was just too cheap to spend money on a costume LOL.. So I made him a fleece blanket sort of costume that I could strap him in the stroller and carseat with.. It just sort of wrapped around him. It was Orange and I added brown fleeces to the bottom of it and then made a little pointing white hat to keep his head warm and he went as a candy corn. It was so cute. and kept him really warm. It was so cold that year.

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

You know what I think about Halloween? You can sit a three year old down and scare them half to death with all the original meanings behind Halloween, the pagan thing.....or you can let your child dress up and participate in a fun holiday that kids everywhere enjoy.

The only children who associate pagan beliefs with Halloween are the children whose parents are so bent of it that they pound it into them and then try to explain to them why they can't do what all of their friends are doing. Children are innocent. Let's not shatter the illusions for them before we have to. I'm trying to think of a single little child who was ever permanently and forever harmed, emotionally, by dressing up as a monkey and going to neighbors' houses where they were met with smiles, laughter and some sweet treats.

Hmmmmm. Can't think of a single one!

I think parents forget that little children need to enjoy their childhoods before they grow up and find out the world is actually a place full of misplaced beliefs.

ShaggaBear said...

They certainly looked cute!!

cinnamon said...

They are so ADORABLE

CityStreams said...

So cute!! I love the peapod costume :o) Thanks for stopping by my giveaway page. The winner will be announced on Monday!