Friday, October 05, 2007


Spaghetti has alway been a family tradition, only when I was little I called it "spabeggi." When I was growing up we had it every Sunday for lunch when we came home from church. My mom would make the sauce from scratch on Sunday morning and leave it cooking while we were at church. I can remember walking in the door and the whole house smelling of spaghetti sauce. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it. All we would have to do is set the table and make a salad. Mom would boil the spaghetti. If we were having company there would be garlic bread to go with lunch. Occasionally, whoever came over would bring dessert. No matter how simple or elaborate. Every Sunday was spaghetti.
My mom would use different spices in the sauce and she always used a bay leaf. She would leave it in the sauce and whoever got the bay leaf on his or her plate was responsible for doing the
dishes. Guest or not this rule stood. Now there have been those who tried to get out of it. Some have eaten it whole. And others have sneaked it into their napkin and flushed it down the toilet. Others, like me, have tried unsuccessfully, and sometimes successfully, to sneak it onto someone else's plate when they aren't looking.
Now, Sundays are difficult in our house. Between lots of people to get ready for church and sometimes long services lunch doesn't always come out well planned. I do feed my family spaghetti regularly though. Unfortunately I haven't taken the time to make it from scratch, I just use a bottle. Here is the next generation enjoying a family tradition.


ShaggaBear said...

cute picture! Glad the bowl isn't on her head.

cinnamon said...

She is so adorable.

TanyaBee said...

Rachel, I loved this post! It brought back memories of the Sundays *I* have shared with your family members (and that dreaded bay leaf! heehee). Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane---and love the cute pic of Aria! :)