Sunday, December 09, 2007

Adventures in Akron

Hi ya'll. This is my no frills update on Grasshopper.
Friday night 11/30 ER trip and diagnosed with croup. Given a breathing treatment and steriods and sent home.
Saturday night/early Sunday morning. Breathing treatment and at 7:30 am taken to the ER.
Sunday morning- Breathing treatment in the ER transfered me and him to Akron Children's Hospital in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. He was put on a helium/oxygen mixture and given an IV in his forehead.
Sunday night/Monday morning- Taken off heli-ox and IV taken off at noon. He was transfered to a regular room. His dr. wanted him to go 24 hours without a breathing treatment.
Tuesday 5 am- another breathing treatment. Great day and good night.
Wednesday 5 am- another breathing treatment. Great day and good night.
Thursday 5 am- another breathing treatment. Great day and good night.
Friday 7:30 am- another. breathing. treatment. an okay day.
Saturday midnight, 4 am and 9 am.- breathing treatments. They brought in an ear nose and throat dr to look at him to see what else could be going on. They did a scope at 3 pm and discovered that his little throat is too small. Instead of 3.5 millimeters it's only 2.5 millimeters in diameter. It's call subglottic stenosis. They immediately put in a breathing tube and feeding tube and transfered him back to the P.I.C.U. He's fully sedated and will be having surgery on Monday or Tuesday. After the surgery he will be sedated for 7 days with a breathing tube and feeding tube. He's getting breastmilk in the feeding tube so we will still be breastfeeding when he's better. Once he's done 7 days they will let him wake up and nurse and then when he's stable transfer him back to a regular room and finish his recovery. Please pray that we can bring him home for Christmas. You can call my cell and leave me a message. I'll call with updates as to how he's doing. He's only on 25 % oxygen right now so he's doing most of the breathing work himself. Thank you for all your prayers.
In his regular room with the IV hookup on his forehead.
Dad and Grasshopper sitting out an antibiotic treatment in his IV with his little seal from the nurses.
In the P.I.C.U. fully sedated with breathing and feeding tube.


ShaggaBear said...

we're praying! Get well soon, litte grasshopper!

palmtreefanatic said...

praying indeed! I am bringing dinner tuesday! Let me know if you need anything else...

Alicia said...

wow.. definitly be praying.. hope your lil one gets better soon...

Michelle P said...

Hi Rachael! Michelle Peoples here from MOPS a couple of years ago! I am praying for your little one! We are on the other side of a family crisis ourselves and I can promise that God is faithful and He will supply all of your needs! I'm praying for you and your hubby as well.

BJ said...

So scary! Will pray for a quick recovery. I've had four of my five in for breathing treatments and overnight stays. no fun.

KC said...

Oh My Goodness Rachel.. I'm so so sorry grasshopper and your family are going though this. You are all in my prayers and I'm also adding him to our church prayer list. Poor little guy, and Poor mama.. I know how heartbreaking and hard this has to be for you..
If you need anything let me know.